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Liesl from Pie.ology on our second floor says their Easter Dinner pre-order deadline is this Sunday, so be sure to see her or Dan at Market this weekend if Pie.ology Hand Pies feature in your Easter Dinner planning.

Liesl's got two inventions for your delectation this Easter: Hot Cross Pies, little round pies stuffed with her signature apple filling and "crossed" with sweet oozy cream cheese frosting; and Easter Dinner Pies which are full of sweet and tender ham and creamy scalloped potatoes. (3 photos)
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One of the cool things about many of our vendors is their customer-oriented development processes. We like to use Pat and Henry of H&P Jams & Jellies as an example, because they've developed a group of trusted patrons they regularly turn to for feedback.

"Here," one of them will say, handing over a bottle. "Try this and let us know what you think." Who says no to that?

Garlic and Red Pepper Jelly was the latest. We were late with our feedback, and by the time we chatted with Pat about it, they'd already produced Version 2.0 based on what others had told them.

Version 1.0 of this jelly was really tasty spread over Slate River Dairy's Yogurt Cheese on crackers. It was also really pretty to photograph because of the bright red pieces. The only improvement we - and everyone who submitted feedback before us, apparently - suggested was to find a way to evenly distribute the red pepper through the jar. The bright red pieces floated to the top as the jelly set, leaving the bottom half of the jar more garlic than red pepper. Still delicious, but missing half the fun.

Pat and Henry have neatly solved this by pureeing the red pepper in Version 2.0, and feedback on that says the flavour is now just right. We haven't cracked a jar yet to find out if it photographs as well as Version 1.0, but it's definitely going on the running list of Entertainment/Deluxe Treat Foods Found at the Market.

Anybody else try this one?
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Happy Monday everyone! Here's a New Farmer story from the weekend that might start your day off with a smile.

Support food literacy. The kids we feed today will be responsible for feeding us when we're older!
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"I'm going to be a farmer. I know how to grow two types of crops. One crop is the normal kind. The other kind uses aquaponic systems. We have an aquaponic system in our classroom. It has a one ton tank with nine tilapia fish in it. It used to have ten fish but the biggest one died over Christmas break. His name was Frank. Anyway, the water in the tilapia tank gets filtered into another tank, where we are growing kale, hybrid spinach, and lettuce. Afterward, it gets funneled back into the tilapia tank and starts all over again. Everyday we have to measure nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, and one other thing that I forget the name so let's not mention that one. Anyway, at the end of the year we are going to harvest everything that we grew. Then we're going to make fish tacos."

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