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Spring Trend-Setters

Many people, when they think “Country Market,” never imagine...

The Greenhouse Report

Don’t let the last gasps of winter get you down.  Vast quantities of...

Quick ‘n Easy Veal Stew

adapted from Prep time:  15...

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Jodi is loaded up with organic, soil grown greens at market today - we didn't sell out last week so I expect she'll be stocked right until 1 again this week! Here's a little clip of the greenhouse - visit our Belluz Farms page to see the whole video! ... See MoreSee Less

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Available at market today! ... See MoreSee Less

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We're back at the Thunder Bay Country Market this morning! Fresh herbs and delicious lettuce available. Come check it out! :) ... See MoreSee Less

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Aren't you soooo excited about this beautiful weather? I am! You should totally come by the Thunder Bay Country Market to stock up on delicious local foods to enjoy in the sunshine on your patio this weekend :D

Stop by the Breathe Live Believe, Green Yoga & Spiritual Sangha and Whole Foods Vegan booth upstairs beside Early Snows Pottery and enjoy some plant based whole foods that nourish and heal, and bring a whole lotta sunshine into your life <3 AND I got a new bistro table! Woohoo! Stools are a work in progress for our handmade (by Fritz) post table!
8am - 1pm every Saturday!

(R) raw vegan (T) transition(part cooked, part raw) (S) superfoods

On the Menu:
BlueGreen Beauty Cheesecake (R,S)
Chocolate Chip Torte (R,S)
Chocolate Ganache (R,S)
Chia Chai Pudding with Turmeric (R,S)
Energy Balls (R,S)
Cashew Milk - Plain, Chocolate (R,S)
Brazil Nut Cream (R) - don't forget to fix your market coffee and tea with a shot of this from my booth!
Kombucha Starter Kit - just one this week.
Lentil Sprouts (R)
Creamy Dill Cashew Cheese (R)
My Favourite Hummus (T)
Spicy My Favourite Hummus (T)
Herb & Garlic Hummus (T)
Delicious Green Dip (T) - NEW on the Market Menu!
Cream of Tomato Soup 1L
Masala Sweet Potato Soup 1L - with some HEAT!
Herbed Lentil & Quinoa Soup - hot and ready to eat in or take out!

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We talked the other day about the cool equipment in use in the greenhouses at Belluz Farms. We discovered some more at DeBruin's Greenhouses, where they grow tomatoes. lettuces, herbs and cucumbers hydroponically - using a system that constantly delivers water and nutrients to the growing plants.

The famous tomatoes at DeBruin's grow in one kind of hydroponic setup: coconut fibre packs in long, long rows. At the base of each plant a tiny drip-line keeps the growing medium at just the right moisture for optimum growth. Towering tomato vines grow towards the 20' ceiling, and as they grow their tops are regularly lowered a little and moved to the side, so that the new tomatoes are always at picking level and harvested portions of vine gradually descend to the level of the coconut packs and actually wrap around the row. You kind of have to see it to believe it.

Henriet says they're on track to have tomatoes ready for Mother's Day, and cucumbers a couple of weeks before that. Soon!

DeBruin's lettuces and herbs, which are just starting arriving at the Market this month, grow in a different kind of hydroponic system, using the Nutrient Film Technique, or NFT. Like the coconunt-fibre technique used for tomatoes, NFT delivers a constant stream of nutrient-rich water to the roots of the plant, but instead of a solid growth medium the plants sit in an empty, slightly sloped trough or tray and the water runs over their roots from the high end to the low end. The water, constantly moving and falling as it circulates from plant troughs to filter, cistern and back again, is constantly being oxygenated, so the plants' roots can work 24/7 to absorb what they need to build those soft, smooth green leaves you love.

Our favourite part? Beneath the greenhouse poly there are no bugs, and the greens are watered from the roots. This means nothing except air and the occasional human hand ever touches those perfect green leaves. No chemical residue, no bug leavings, no little holes to show a small something enjoyed your lettuce before you did.

Learn more about DeBruin's Greenhouses and our other producers on our website! (5 photos)
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