Holiday Markets: Extended Hours for 2014

EXTRA CHRISTMAS MARKETS: Wednesday, December 10: 4 – 7pm Wednesday, December 17: 4 – 7pm Wednesday, December 24: 8am – 1pm Saturdays 8am – 1pm till December 20 Closed Dec 24 – January Yes! This December the Market will be opening for extra dates so you can spend more of the holidays with your most […]


A Hat Above

Shopping at Elli’s Hats and Headbands is always fun, and not just because Laura and Margy, the two bubbly ladies you’ll meet in their U-shaped gauntlet of fashion temptation, are a hoot. It also means a legitimate opportunity to tear through their inventory“trying on.“ If, like many of us, you had a bin of dress-up […]

Superfood Desserts: Too Good Not to be True

Leanne Wierzbicki of Breathe, Live, Believe: Whole Foods Vegan has started something amazing on the second floor. Since she joined us near the beginning of the year we’ve seen her booth evolve from a simple table and a tiny fridge to a lovely and welcoming niche she now shares with neighbour Fritz of Early Snows […]

Santa Portrait Day 2014-lr

Market Events this Saturday

Between the Santa-themed Photos for Food “food-raiser” and the fabulous Movember Fashion Showcase planned by vendors Shine Photo and Mustang Sally Vintage for the Market’s second floor this Saturday, it’s going to be a fun and festive weekend for patrons of all ages. Bring your donations of non-perishable food items and your rosy-cheeked children (smiles […]

Big Talent, Tiny Packages

If you’ve never stopped into Dawn Bodnarchuk’s little niche to admire her work, this would be a good time. Like many of our second-floor vendors, Dawn ramps up her production and her imagination in the months leading up to the Christmas holidays, knowing there will be an extra-big demand for the beautiful things she creates. […]



Get on the Naughty List

“There is nothing good for you here,” Bobbi told us the last time we interviewed her at her table on the second floor. The remorseless baker behind the sinful treats at Crazy Horse has weathered a lot of questions from patrons hoping she offers gluten-free, low-cal and other health-inducing options in her baking, but Bobbi […]

Vendor Profile: Pie.ology

Hand Pies Made with Heart. This Alberta girl has brought her wildly successful hand pies to Thunder Bay!? Hand pies are delicious pastry bundles filled with savory or sweet ingredients. All of Liesl’s pies are handmade using the freshest of ingredients including her rich and tender all-butter pastry. Wherever possible, she uses local ingredients from […]

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Wild Winter Warm-ups

Hanna and Mona at Superior Sewing like to do things a little differently.  You may already be familiar with Hanna’s famous “hair falls” – fantastical ponytail enhancements made with sparkling ribbons and bits of floaty coloured vinyl – and fun-fur accessories like vests and leg-warmers, but that’s just a small part of what they do. This […]

Here’s the Trick:The Treat Goes On You

Hide this goodie in the sock drawer or the top shelf of the medicine cabinet, because the kids will be tempted to eat it. It won’t hurt them if they do, but it won’t taste as good as it smells and they’ll complain.  Worse, anything they eat is one less bit you get to absorb […]



Tiny Works of Art

Jolene’s gotten her hands on a new sort of glass bead that’s got her in a frenzy of creation in her basement workshop at The Beads Go On. Lampwork, so named because it was an artform originally practiced with the flame of a very hot oil lamp, was the province exclusively of glass artisans on […]

Is Food on the Ballot?

With Monday’s municipal elections looming – for all of the municipalities in the area, not just Thunder Bay, remember – many of our patrons are likely settling in their heads where they will be placing their marks on those ballots.  If you haven’t been galvanized to one side or another by that one massive issue […]


Shine’s Spooktacular Food-raiser

Beware:  there will be a line-up at Shine Photo‘s booth on the second floor this weekend (Saturday October 25th), and lots of cuteness in the vicinity.  If you have kids, you might want to be in there. For the price of a donation of non-perishable food items for the Regional Food Distribution Association (RFDA), your […]

New Vendor Profile: North Woods Alpaca Farm

Carol Stanley is the proud owner of Atikokan’s first Alpaca herd, and she is looking forward to helping keep Thunder Bay toasty through many winters to come.  Please join us in welcoming Carol and North Woods Alpaca Farm to the Market! Alpacas come from the high altitudes of South America where they were bred for […]



Heating Up Your Wardrobe

We love the changing of the seasons.  Even just putting away your summer gear and pulling out your winter stuff is fun.  The garden goes away, the lawn furniture is covered, the sandals stored in a box for warmer times; instead the skates head off to the sharpeners, the warm coats come out and the […]

Do You Spend Any Cabbage on Cabbage?

Do you love to eat with the seasons?  If you’re not already including cabbage in your fall meal-planning, you’re missing out on one of the hardiest, most versatile and delicious vegetables we can grow in our climate and soils.  The combination of our already-short summers and the unpredictable future of climate change might make squashes […]