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It seems like every culture has a version of Easter Bread. Hot Cross Buns for the Brits, Pane Pasqua for Italians, those crazy sticky fruit buns with sesame seeds for the Mexicans, and of course Easter Babka, the traditional Ukrainian version.

At Market this weekend you'll have one last chance to get your own traditional Easter Babka from Dee at Unique Alternatives, where she'll have her last batch of the year of delicate-crumbed, orange-scented, raisin-studded breads baked in the familiar cylindrical shape. Yep, there are coffee-can ridges baked into the sides of those loaves, just like Baba's.

Easter Bread is great sliced with butter, toasted with coffee and, our favourite, as the base for Easter Sunday French Toast. Be sure to stop by Tarrymore Farms for eggs and Paradis Apiaries for some fruit syrup if you're going to do that! (2 photos)
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Here's another sign of spring to cheer you up, and never you mind the snow-flies buzzing around out there this morning: the sweet song of Liisa Kaarkainen welcoming visitors into the Market was heard for the first time this year, just this past weekend.

Back in the Fish Shop's usual spot in the front foyer, Liisa's had the smokehouse out on Lakeshore Drive cranked for the past couple of weeks to fill orders and prepare for Market in time for Easter.

Here with us for the rest of the year, Liisa's offering the Fish Shop's trademark green-alder-smoked and fresh local whitefish and trout, salmon and other fresh fish, prepared and bbq-ready fish dishes and more to come. Be sure to stop by and join us in saying "Welcome back, Fish Shop!" (4 photos)
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Here's a little Monday cheer-up for everyone craving the sight of green growing things. Thanks Roots to Harvest for posting such great photos!

Coming up in April on our website: the Greenhouse Report. Meantime, here's a peek at what R2H is getting up to with Market vendor Paulusma's Greenhouses...
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It starts. The great and awesome labour of love that is the Northern Ontario fresh from the patio tomato! At Paulusma's Greenhouses

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Imagine, instead of having a curious and oft-disappointing groundhog affiliation, we lived in a place where there was a holiday just for letting cows out for the first time in the Spring, so everyone could enjoy watching them skip and wag their tails. ... See MoreSee Less

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