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Spring Trend-Setters

Many people, when they think “Country Market,” never imagine...

The Greenhouse Report

Don’t let the last gasps of winter get you down.  Vast quantities of...

Quick ‘n Easy Veal Stew

adapted from Prep time:  15...

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It's not too late. Lots 'o greens left at Thunder Bay Country Market still this week - open till 1 at the CLE Dove building. If you miss it there, click our Shop Now button above to order online for a Wednesday delivery! ... See MoreSee Less

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New infinity scarves Thunder Bay Country Market ... See MoreSee Less

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It's time to come and get your fresh made vegan and raw vegan eats for the week at the Breathe Live Believe, Green Yoga & Spiritual Sangha and Whole Foods Vegan booth upstairs at the Thunder Bay Country Market :D It's filled with prana <3
Love Love Love
**Due to our moving into a new house on the 1st, I will NOT be at market next weekend (May 2nd); so be sure to stock up this weekend!

As usual the fridge will be stocked FULL in the morning! And remember, in keeping with my green initiatives, I encourage you to bring your own containers for cheesecakes/tortes/energy balls :D Green Yoga <3

(R) raw vegan (T) transition (part cooked, part raw) (F) fermented (S) superfoods

On the Menu:
Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake (R)
Chocolate Spirulina Torte (R,S)
Chocolate Ganache (R,S)
Chia Chai Pudding with Spirulina (R,S)
Energy Balls (R,S)
Cashew Milk - Plain, Golden(with turmeric) (R,S)
Brazil Nut Cream (R) - and single or double shots for your market coffee or tea!
Kombucha - Oolong/yerba mate blend (R,F)
Kombucha Starter Kits
Creamy Dill Cashew Cheese (R) - NEW 8oz containers!
Lentil Sprouts (R)
My Favourite Hummus (T)
Sundried Tomato & Basil Hummus (T)
Herb & Garlic Hummus (T) - this week with green onion, mint, parsley and dill!
Cream of Asparagus and Spring Pea Soup 1L
Homestyle Chunky Vegetable Soup 1L
Cauliflower, Potato and Mushroom Soup - Hot and ready to eat in or take home!

*Dine in at the BLB Bistro table and enjoy a slice of raw healing dessert and a nourishing bowl of soup <3
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If you've got a little girl in dance or drama classes, you might want to step into Superior Sewing on the second floor in the next couple of weeks and check out Hanna's clearance items. Your princess-to-be just might like to wear one of those must-have tulle tutus or a funky funfur shrug, not to mention the cute costumery items like these headband horns - some suitable for centre-stage production, others discreet enough they could be a quirky accessory for daily wear. Hanna's also got some blouses and tunics marked down for Mom, all handmade and unique items. Clearance prices as marked - check out the bargains and help Hanna make room for new spring items! ... See MoreSee Less

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Joyce Seppala describes her fashion inspiration as "lagenlook," or "layered look." A quick search of Google Translate will tell you "lagen" comes from Danish, Icelandic and Norwegian and does indeed mean "layered," but be careful with that definition, because it's altogether too small and unexceptional to describe the way these clothes work.

If you ask her, Joyce will talk about the way she often cuts her fabrics on the bias so they flow over feminine curves. Or she'll tell you about the quality of the fabrics she uses - small-lot stuff she finds from design houses and suppliers all over the world, chosen for seasonality and interest. She's especially keen on this new wood fibre material she's brought in for the warmer season, which feels like velvet but has a sheen almost like silk, and drapes across you like whipping cream. As you stand there with her talking, she'll give you a sharp-eyed look up and down, frown while she thinks, then turn to the rack and whisk out a couple of pieces to hold up. When she does this, you must take the next step and try them on, because you're curious. So you do, and then you learn.

Although they look pretty stunning, the mannequins on display don't do Joyce' designs the service they deserve. You'll know this as soon as you try on what she suggests, because it will look amazing on you. You'll find yourself straightening your shoulders a little and eyeing yourself challengingly in the mirror, too, because suddenly you'll realize how pretty you are. And how strong-looking, somehow. And how much you like your hips and backside - in fact, that jacket brings out your inner J-Lo, look at that.

Joyce' Spring 2015 Collection is now on display at her stall on the second floor of the Market. Trying is believing.

Learn more about Joyce and our other fashion and artisan-vendors on our website at (3 photos)
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