Here’s the Trick:The Treat Goes On You

Hide this goodie in the sock drawer or the top shelf of the medicine cabinet, because the kids will be tempted to eat it. It won’t hurt them if they do, but it won’t taste as good as it smells and they’ll complain.  Worse, anything they eat is one less bit you get to absorb […]



Tiny Works of Art

Jolene’s gotten her hands on a new sort of glass bead that’s got her in a frenzy of creation in her basement workshop at The Beads Go On. Lampwork, so named because it was an artform originally practiced with the flame of a very hot oil lamp, was the province exclusively of glass artisans on […]

Is Food on the Ballot?

With Monday’s municipal elections looming – for all of the municipalities in the area, not just Thunder Bay, remember – many of our patrons are likely settling in their heads where they will be placing their marks on those ballots.  If you haven’t been galvanized to one side or another by that one massive issue […]


Shine’s Spooktacular Food-raiser

Beware:  there will be a line-up at Shine Photo‘s booth on the second floor this weekend (Saturday October 25th), and lots of cuteness in the vicinity.  If you have kids, you might want to be in there. For the price of a donation of non-perishable food items for the Regional Food Distribution Association (RFDA), your […]