Baba Knows Cabbage Rolls

BABA_vegan-gfree-cabrollKerri Garland’s Baba may not have been a vegan herself but we think she’d give full approval to the variation her grand-daughter’s created with a traditional family recipe at Baba’s Ukrainian Kitchen. Kerri’s taken Baba’s hefty ground-beef-and-rice cabbage rolls (which are also available at Baba’s stall, in case the meat-eaters in the audience are wondering) and experimented with brown rice, quinoa and Baba’s favourite seasonings to make a new vegan and gluten-free cabbage roll variety that’s wonderfully familiar in flavour and texture, but made without the ingredients that prevent many people from enjoying them.

When we cut ours open we found them instantly visually appealing; small bits of tomato and white onion add colour and heft to the filling, which is a bit stickier and firmer than some traditional fillings. The cabbage leaves are steamed perfectly so that they’re tender but still firm enough to make a reliable wrapper – we suspect Kerri’s had a little practice. The sticky filling and just-right cabbage made the rolls easy to eat, too – no chasing grains of rice around with your fork. Baba likes to see clean plates, after all!

BABA_beef-rice-cabrollEach tray comes with a healthy portion of tomato sauce for reheating. Just slide the tray contents into a baking dish and cover with foil to reheat in the oven for moist perfection.

These would be a great side-dish for a dinner at home with vegan friends or a delicious meatless alternative for people just looking to eat a little healthier.

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