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MyPride01Ask any farmer or producer and they’ll tell you that it takes hard work, good weather, a little slice of good land, and common sense to build on dreams. Mike Visser of My-Pride Farms is certainly an example of this. And from the start of his vision up until now, he’s done a fantastic job of expanding his own business.

Born and raised in Southern Ontario, Mike has had experience with livestock and crops from a young age. Having a few agricultural connections up in the Thunder Bay area, Mike took note on the fact that there was no one actively marketing locally-produced veal. After some research of his own, he took hold of his dreams and moved up to Thunder Bay, where he began raising his own veal calves.

He started on a small scale taking a step at a time, yet confident in where his new business ventures would lead. In 2012, Mike joined us at the Thunder Bay Country Market where he introduced himself to his customers and was passionate to educate people on what veal meat entailed.

Contrary to popular belief, veal calves are not babies, and are in fact the second oldest animal at market age. Mike is quick to point out that his calves are raised happy and healthy, in an ethical manner. They are raised in large group pens with free choice to plenty of clean water and food. At a young age, he raises them first on whole milk. Then afterwards, on whole corn which in turn produces true veal.


Mike is proud to raise and market his veal locally in and around the Thunder Bay area. Locally-raised veal is lean, tender and high in Vitamin B12 and iron, which makes for an excellent choice for the BBQ, stews, roasts and much more. Mike’s veal is also available as breakfast sausages (including a gluten-free option), meatballs, cutlets, steaks, ground veal and more, providing a host of options for his customers. And not only is his veal STEAKavailable right here at the market, but also around town at various retail outlets, supported on various restaurant menus, or through connecting with Mike himself for any orders.

In May of this year, Mike began a new phase of his business journey and became the proud owner of a farm of his own, where he has been able to expand in raising local veal. Stop in to have a chat with him at the market and you’ll see why he takes so much pride in his business and the importance of marketing his product locally!

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