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CRHO_blackforest“There is nothing good for you here,” Bobbi told us the last time we interviewed her at her table on the second floor. The remorseless baker behind the sinful treats at Crazy Horse has weathered a lot of questions from patrons hoping she offers gluten-free, low-cal and other health-inducing options in her baking, but Bobbi is resolute, chuckling about the amount of business she’s sent downstairs to Ashley at Gluten-Free Kitchen and Dee at Unique Alternatives. She’s not suffering for business herself, though, and says that despite the demand for specialty baking for specialty diets, there’s more than enough call for what she has to offer. Sin is just as popular in its own way as it’s always been, after all.

Judging by the number of people walking around up there licking fingers and hunting the last crumbs of cinnamon roll from folds of scarf and jacket, she’s right.

CRHO_cinbunSince we last checked in on Bobbi in April, she’s been testing a few products and retiring some of the originals and has refined her selection to a set of patron favourites. Happily, the evil door-crasher that first got our attention (and the attention of everyone who loves towers of whip, red red cherries and chocolate curls) has made the cut. The aforementioned cinnamon buns – tightly-wound, super-gooey concoctions of cinnamon, sugar and Bobbi’s signature sweet dough – have been perfected to the satisfaction of many repeat customers, and a new line of mini sweet loaves – Pumpkin Spice with white chocolate chips and Banana Chocolate Chip – offers sweet release to folks who like their sweets to pretend to be a little more restrained.

CRHO_pumpkinspice“You can enjoy anything in moderation,” Bobbi says. “In fact, moderation is good for you. Everyone should practice it.” Moderation is all the more reason to eat desserts that are really, really good, she asserts. “Don’t eat six biscotti made out of sawdust. Just eat one really, really good one.”

CRHO_biscottiYes, there are also biscotti on that table up there, and it’s all about to get even better. In addition to the more traditional versions she offers Bobbi’s about to break out a Christmas-flavoured variety loaded with white chocolate and candy-cane chunks. Love that sweet dough in the cinnamon buns? Ho, ho, hold onto your hats because Bobbi’s about to unveil her next not-good-for-yous made with the same stuff: eclairs and jam-busters, just right for the holidays.

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