When Life Hands You Green Tomatoes…

HP_greentomatosalsa-jan24-14Like so many of us at the end of last summer, Henry and Pat Wielobob of H&P Jams & Jellies found themselves with a bumper crop of bright green tomatoes, harvested at the last moment from frost-wilted tomato plants.  Since you can only eat so many fried green tomatoes, and since both Henry and Pat are dedicated food-preservers, they turned to their favourite recipe for Green Tomato Salsa to make use of the much-underrated fruits, filling dozens and dozens of jars with their patented mix of onions, garlic, red peppers, green peppers and jalapenos all tossed in their secret recipe brine of vinegar, salt and seasonings.

Months later, H&P’s Green Tomato Salsa has rested to the point of perfection.  The ingredients have had a chance to shake hands and exchange confidences and those bits of jalapeno have spread their hot-climate propaganda through every jar.   If you’re not a big fan of the hot stuff, fear not:  although those hot peppers are well-represented, they (unlike our current government) are well-tempered and play nicely with the other ingredients.  We’d describe it (the salsa, not the government) as a mild to medium heat, more flavourful than spicy.

If, like us, you love salsa for the sake of itself and not merely as a condiment for corn chips, you’ll shovel it up with anything, and H&P’s salsa is no exception.  We’ve enjoyed ours with toasted bread, Triscuits and corn chips and even on burgers and as a sandwich condiment since the chunks of vegetable are sizable enough not to get lost between layers.

You’ll find Henry or Pat behind a huge collection of jams, jellies and savoury preserves at H&P on the first floor of the Market every Saturday.

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