Greening the Market

greenteam_carrie-apr2014With Earth Day just past, it’s a great time to talk about Greening the Country Market.

We’re really excited to tell you that Carrie Fawcett, a team-member at Northern Unique (the vendor running the café as well as a bakery and meat counter at the Market) is looking to invite Market patrons and vendors to help form a Green Team that will address some of the concerns we’re all feeling about environmental stewardship and sustainability at the Market.

We took important steps this year in installing recycling bins at the Market, but as a key piece of Thunder Bay’s sustainability movement we know we can do more. You can help us make it happen!

The Green Team’s role will be to envision, plan and implement a greening strategy for our Market. Carrie is looking for passionate people to join the team and help make it all happen.

There are a lot of systems at work in the Dove Building that could play into a greening strategy and which affect almost every aspect of the Market’s operation. Transportation – the way our vendors, their products and you, our patrons, come and go from the Dove Building – is one example of a system operating within our Market; so is the fresh water supply and the sewer system that takes away waste water.  Can you think of others?

What’s your vision for a greener Thunder Bay Country Market? How do you think we can all – vendors, patrons, staff and Board of Directors – work together to make the best use of our resources, save energy and make our Market even better? Carrie wants to know, and is hoping you’ll join her in creating a team and a vision to take the Market forward into an even stronger role in the community.

If you’re interested in helping to form the Market’s Green Team, please email Carrie now at We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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