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workijg julySteven Gerow, a local artist native to Northwestern Ontario, has quite the story behind the inspirations of his work. Always a creative soul, Steve began dabbling in drawing through a series of doodles at a young age. Steve was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at a young age, which forced him into a long recovery filled with doctor’s offices, bed rest and even the use of a wheelchair. Steve describes when the creative juices began to flow within his artistic mind, at the young age of 11. He sat watching the doctor outlining and explaining the progression of his disease through a chart of lines and circles which represented his skeleton and joints. It was that chart of shapes and lines that stuck in his mind, from which his own unique style of artistic renderings was born. Steve began doodling these renderings over everything as he continued to recover. He began experimenting with other types of art, including painting and stove carvings. Today, he has developed a collection of vibrant paintings amoung other pieces of artwork, including stove carvings, jewellery pendants, wood paintings and pen and ink drawings.

Steve is most likely known for his paintings. Bold and vibrant, his style soulboyreflects many of the wildlife species that call this area home, as well as many aspects of the boreal forest that surround this area. Each painting of a wildlife creature stems from the representation of a rib cage, similar to the one he first took notice upon in the doctor’s office during the recovery of his childhood disease. The bright colours used represent his love for the native culture of this area, which also plays a large role in the inspiration behind all of his work.

Steve began selling his artwork to the public after people began taking notice in his works. He described the process as ‘going with the flow’, and never dreamed that his work would become as popular as it has grown to in this area. He began at a few small art shows within the community. Then, he took up a chance to show his work at the local annual Artisans Northwest show. From there, he joined us at the Thunder Bay Country Market. Steve has enjoyed being a part of the team here, getting to know the vendors while taking satisfaction in the positive reactions that market shoppers have expressed over his work.In fact, for him, one of the most enjoyable things about being part of the market is the weekly feedback he receives. Steve will have been with us for one year, come August, and his talented works have brought a whole new experience to the market setting. Located on the 2nd floor, Steve would be happy to have you come visit his booth.

Among his paintings, carvings and drawings, Steve is always open to taking on custom orders. In the past, he has done custom family portraits, paintings of family pets, and anything else that someone might request. However, he encourages people to take notice of his style, which is at the heart of his work. Also available for purchase, and currently very popular, his paintings sold on coffee mugs.

It is evident that Steve is very thankful to the community for the support he’s received over the years. Not only has he been able to expand his horizons through the Thunder Bay Country Market, but there are several locations around town where you can find his work hanging and owl stoneavailable for purchase. Sweet Escapes Cafe & Bakery has generously offered wall space to have his paintings featured in their building. The Baggage Building Arts Centre showcases another selection of his works. Over the years, Steve’s artwork has developed into the unique style he is known for, and it is just another example of the incredible talent this area continues to nurture. Many local artists are developing in this part of the world, inspired by the natural surroundings and the unique culture that has thrived here for hundreds of years. Steve Gerow is a prime example of that, and it remains important to continue to support talented local artists like him.                      

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