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The natural surroundings around us have turned to extravagant hues of  browns and greens, crimson orange and vibrant reds. There is certainly no shortage of wonder in our area where nature does not cease to amaze us in its glorious transitions from one season to the next. And perhaps that’s why Brenda Delmas has fittingly named her pottery studio, Be Natural Pottery. Working a lump of soft, solid-coloured clay and refining it into a perfected wonder of colourful art, inspired by the natural beauty of our Northern Ontario home.

BeNatural01Brenda is known for her unique, durable pottery that she carefully handcrafts in her own small home-based studio. Having grown up in Montreal, Brenda enrolled at George Brown College to study graphic design soon after graduating high school. During this time, she also took up studies in Visual Arts, taking up painting, pottery and textile design. While Brenda focussed on painting, it wasn’t long before she took up pottery once again and discovered what she describes as her “happy place”. After having purchased a few of the tools she needed, Brenda was able to begin making pieces from home. And when she is not spending time with her family, you’ll find her happily creating her pieces in her own studio, eager to share company with anyone who wishes to visit her.
BeNatural02Brenda’s pottery is not only beautifully created, but also versatile and quite durable. Her pottery is safe to cook with, as well as oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. She is quick to point out that it is non-toxic, being lead free. Brenda creates anything from mugs, bowls and platters to decorative items and even petware. While she has a large variety of products for sale at her studio (4180 Coppin Road), she is happy to offer any kind of custom-made pieces, as well as fundraiser packages. You’ll be surprised by what Brenda can create and her talent is evident in the variety of unique works she has created thus far.

For more information or to view Brenda’s spectacular works of art, we are very pleased to have her as one of our talented vendors at the Thunder Bay Country Market. Brenda and her Be Natural Pottery can be found on the second floor of the market, or take a sneak peek on her website to see what awaits you! And as the seasons continue to cycle through their natural changes, Brenda’s wheel continues to turn while her hands carefully create another natural-inspired piece of pottery.

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