Get Yourself Into a Pickle

More and more often this season we’ve heard questions and comments about pickling.  In part because our producers can never seem to grow enough pickling cucumbers to satisfy the ever-increasing demand, we’ve been exploring some of the other tangy treats you can make with local products to enjoy throughout the year. First off – what […]



“Squashing” in a Few More Wednesday Markets

If you’ve been viewing the end of Wednesday Markets with a trembling lip, fear not:  although Wednesday, September 3 marks the official end to our regular summer Wednesdays, we’re going to run outdoor markets for a few more weeks so you and our local farmers can continue to connect.  All that gorgeous late produce needs […]

Retiring Vendor: Michael of Little Doo’s 2

“He’s all ours now,” Patty Hajdu says with a beatific smile as she and a couple of residents flip burgers and prep lunch together in the kitchen at Shelter House.  Behind her Michael Quibell is a whirlwind, bending down over here to consult on a tricky gas oven, tippy-toe over there to reach something from […]



Recipe: Favourite Kimchi

Kimchi is a fermented vegetable dish traditionally found in Korean cuisine.  Like Mexican salsas and Italian tomato sauces the variations on the recipe are endless and every cook has a favourite way of preparing it, but the essentials of chili, garlic, fish sauce, ginger and sesame tend to show up in one concentration or another […]