Tonight’s Honey of a Workshop

Tonight on the second floor we’re hosting the second of two workshops presented by the Food Action Network as part of their summer Get Fresh! workshop series.  (learn more about our friends at FAN, their other workshops and the Get Fresh! Guide to Local Food at  Members of the Thunder Bay Beekeepers’ Association will be […]

Honeycomb in a Jar

Cow Parsnip & Giant Hogweed

Tonight on the second floor of the Market we’ve got our first of two workshops held with us by the Food Action Network as part of their summer workshop series.  Lee-Ann Chevrette, who some of you will know from Boreal Forest Teas, will be talking about some of the amazing plants you can find in […]

Recipe: Refrigerator Pickled Garlic Scapes

We’ve been promising you all week:  another way to love scapes. This morning we got up good and early, picked two bunches of scapes, and tested out a new recipe. We love pickles, and pickled garlic most of all (just ask Henry and Pat at H&P how much we love theirs) and the idea of […]



Quick: Save the Tomatoes!

Something has begun eating the planter tomatoes around here.  One plant has been chewed right through halfway up and is now dangling like a lightning-struck tree, waiting to be put out of its misery.  The hard little green fruits we’ve been eyeballing every day in anticipation are developing little beige craters where something less picky […]