New Vendor Profile: North Woods Alpaca Farm

Carol Stanley is the proud owner of Atikokan’s first Alpaca herd, and she is looking forward to helping keep Thunder Bay toasty through many winters to come.  Please join us in welcoming Carol and North Woods Alpaca Farm to the Market! Alpacas come from the high altitudes of South America where they were bred for […]



Heating Up Your Wardrobe

We love the changing of the seasons.  Even just putting away your summer gear and pulling out your winter stuff is fun.  The garden goes away, the lawn furniture is covered, the sandals stored in a box for warmer times; instead the skates head off to the sharpeners, the warm coats come out and the […]

Do You Spend Any Cabbage on Cabbage?

Do you love to eat with the seasons?  If you’re not already including cabbage in your fall meal-planning, you’re missing out on one of the hardiest, most versatile and delicious vegetables we can grow in our climate and soils.  The combination of our already-short summers and the unpredictable future of climate change might make squashes […]


Roots to Harvest Rocks Gardens and Cafs

Roots to Harvest is about food, about young people, about community, and about doing things in good ways.   The first time a person learns where food comes from; the life changing experience of serving those in need; the heat of a greenhouse; the dirt under your fingernails; the feel of a handful of red […]