Frostbite Survivors 1

Arjen and Henriet DeBruin of DeBruin’s Greenhouses are famous for their greenhouse tomatoes, their luxuriant herbs and lettuces, their four shockingly beautiful daughters and the smiles their customers are used to seeing on their faces – the ones that say “I’ve been working in the sun since March and life is good.” Almost everything was […]



April Snowfalls Bring… (uhhh….)

If the snow sitting on the ground this morning shocks and appalls you, knock it off – stretch that medium-term memory and check out your Facebook postings from this time last year. On April 19 2013 Thunder Bay enjoyed a huge dump which was gone in less than a week: this will go too! And […]

Chino’s Sweet Sugar-free Sauces

Don Sacino’s booming voice and tall, broad physical presence make him hard to miss when you first walk into the Dove building through the doors on the right side of the front foyer.  Found just inside the first nook past the popcorn and set at right angles to Thunder Oak Cheese, Chino’s display of homemade […]



There’s Nothing Good For You Here

Bobbi Braun’s been known for years as the artist behind the brilliantly-painted bags, aprons and other accessories available at Crazy Horse Studios.  She’s also the daughter of past Market vendor and much-loved home cook Phyllis Burell who retired last year to pursue her painting. In case any of you are wondering if Phyllis has anything […]

Chocolate Cow: Slightly Different

Everything about Chocolate Cow is slightly different from expectations.  Most of the time, “slightly different” means simply “better chocolate,” made by choosing better ingredients over cost-saving fillers every time.  Small batches mixed by hand mean that quality control is intensely personal:  Either Doug or Jane puts the Stanton Seal of Approval on every item that […]


Stylish Medic Alert Bracelets

Style and safety don’t have to mean two different things.  Jolene at the Beads Go On has been watching friends fiddle with their Medic Alert bracelets for years and remembers well how difficult it can be to ensure children and teenagers wear them at all times. “If you’re not wearing it when you need it, […]

Garden Show Hours

    The Market will be open for extended hours during the CLE’s annual Home and Garden Show.  This coming weekend, Thunder Bay’s largest collection of vendors who Make it, Bake it and Grow it for you will be open on both floors of the Dove Building: Friday April 4th: 4:00pm – 9:00pm Saturday April […]



Suspended Coffee: Waking the Giant Heart of Thunder Bay

Good coffee, like good food, is supposed to be one of those things that brings people together.  People rarely invite you to go for a hot chocolate or take a fifteen-minute morning tea break in this part of the world – coffee is still our hot beverage of choice year-round for gatherings.  Drive-through coffee line-ups, […]