So Beautiful You’ll Cry

“Aren’t they BEAUTIFUL?” she asks with a blissful smile, holding up a couple of specimens as she packs net bags for sale.  Teresa Daniele of Teresa’s All Natural has had a bumper crop of onions this year and she’s understandably proud.  Onions the size of kids’ Wiffle balls sit among more ordinary (???!) softball-sized, papery jewels […]



Frost Panic: Don’t Panic

Well… it’s happening.  The thing that makes garden enthusiasts, veggie eaters and veggie farmers weep at the end of every summer:  a dip in ambient temperatures resulting in overnight frost, expected tonight.  The worst part is that it’s likely that things will heat up again for a quick summer reprise sometime in the next couple […]

Potato Fields Forever

The humble potato doesn’t get nearly enough credit in Thunder Bay.  Home as we are to a couple of large farms specializing in potato production, we’re used to seeing Thunder Bay labels even in our big-name grocery stores, even in the middle of winter.  Familiarity breeds contempt, they say – but there’s a lot more […]



Yes, You Eat That: Fennel

That’s not just another pretty face:  fennel is tasty, good for you and will actually sweeten your breath.  Renata, the pretty face behind the Mile Hill Farms fennel you’ll find at the Market tomorrow, says this is probably your last chance to try it this year. A member of the celery family, fennel – the […]