Leeked Secret Information

Like a lot of the vegetables we can grow here with relative ease, leeks are vastly under-appreciated in North America. All over England and Europe – where many Thunder Bay residents find their roots – leeks appear in main dishes, side-dishes, soups, stews and even salads. Here they’re often considered a poor cousin caught between […]



Give Them the Beets

Kids.  Even parents who watch them everyday can underestimate how different their experiences are from our own.  This can be great – watching kids experience something for the first time is a wonderful way to remember your own childlike appreciation – but sometimes frustrating.  Trying, for example, to convince your four-year-old that eating local is […]

So Beautiful You’ll Cry

“Aren’t they BEAUTIFUL?” she asks with a blissful smile, holding up a couple of specimens as she packs net bags for sale.  Teresa Daniele of Teresa’s All Natural has had a bumper crop of onions this year and she’s understandably proud.  Onions the size of kids’ Wiffle balls sit among more ordinary (???!) softball-sized, papery jewels […]



Frost Panic: Don’t Panic

Well… it’s happening.  The thing that makes garden enthusiasts, veggie eaters and veggie farmers weep at the end of every summer:  a dip in ambient temperatures resulting in overnight frost, expected tonight.  The worst part is that it’s likely that things will heat up again for a quick summer reprise sometime in the next couple […]