Sometimes A Little Less is More

UNALT_may14_wholepieOne of the greatest things about the Market is the way vendors work together to make things better.

Often you’ll see it right in front of you:  DeBruin’s tomatoes and cucumbers at the Cafe; Sandy Acres beef in Lucy Q perogies; Brule Creek Flour in the Sweet North’s baking.  Other times it’s not about product, but rather information and feedback, like the way Michael from Little Doo’s will bring an experimental new product to Market and test it out on his neighbouring vendors to get the no-holds-barred honest feedback before the bell even rings.  Kind of like family, you can count on the vendors around you to shoot straight and pull no punches. Conversations like those result in improvements to displays, flavours, colours and product lineups, making our Market stronger all the time and helping to bring you new products to enjoy.

Here’s a perfect example:  Dee, that sweet-faced lady behind the table at Unique Alternatives, offers a selection of sugar-free baking for diabetics which is so good that non-diabetic baking fans will buy it when she runs out of non-diabetic product.  Michael, who vends kitty-corner to her, is a huge fan of her pies, but Michael and his partner are a small family unit.  A regular bakery pie is too much for them to enjoy without guilty leftovers or over-indulging.  A couple of conversations with Dee on the subject set her to thinking about that; within a couple of weeks she’d found herself a supplier of smaller pie plates and is now offering a “Smaller Sized” version of her crispy-crusted creations on a limited trial basis so people like Michael can enjoy a homemade pie on a more manageable scale.

Is Dee on to something?  Remember – it’s your feedback that will keep her making this new product.

If you’re looking for a beautiful homemade pie that’s a little smaller in size and made with about seven basic ingredients – or eight or nine if you’re looking for one with mixed fruits, like that Strawberry-Rhubarb one she starts making with fresh rhubarb about this time of year – it’s time to stop at Unique Alternatives to let Dee know there are patrons looking for a little less!

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