Spice It Up!

GraceVariety is the spice of life! And that’s just what Grace Ward of Crazy Good Spices has accomplished in these past few months through her new venture! In the short time that Grace has gotten her new business started, she has created 8 varieties of flavourful spice mixes to enliven home-cooked dishes all over the city!

Grace has always been a talented cook, and from a young age, she had established a successful catering company. She became the baker of tasty baked goods for coffee shops all over the city, as well as an independent grocery store. She even ventured into cooking for remote base camps around Northern Ontario. Grace developed a passionate and experienced talent in working with the flavours and blends of food that kept people wanting more! Grace became a hit all over the region, and there was no shortage of talent in what she could create!

Grace came to the realization that she wanted to develop a blend of spice mix varieties to help people overcome their own challenges in cooking. Inspired by the daily meals which she already had experience in cooking, Grace CrazyGooddeveloped a total of 8 all-natural, spice seasonings, including flavourful, traditional mixes like Savoury Poultry, BBQ Rub and Citrus Dill-icious. There are also a few fun, non-traditional mixes such as Lavender and Orange, and perhaps one of the most popular, Grace’s Favourite. All spices are guaranteed gluten-free, MSG-free and homemade blends which Grace herself has used for over 22 years. Teemed with flavour, these spice mixes stimulate any dish, and Grace is always happy to provide tips and examples of what dishes to use them in. In fact, Crazy Good Spices has become such a hit, that Grace has been able to expand her business into retailing at other locations around town such as Thunder Oak Cheese Farm and of course, our very own Thunder Bay Country Market! Also, available online on her website, Grace’s talent is evident in how popular her spice mixes have become.

Life has been extra spicy for Grace, lately!  And when you pay her a visit on the second floor of the Thunder Bay Country Market, we’re sure yours will spice up too!

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