Spring Trend-Setters

JCROWN_spring15Many people, when they think “Country Market,” never imagine that this is a place you’d find designer fashions, but a trip up to the second floor, complete with stops at our fashionistas’ stalls, will change all that.  Ladies, you’ll find yourselves nipping into little change-rooms; guys, you can hold the Market bag while she does, or grab a coffee at the Waking Giant Cafe and have a seat.  Something old, something new, something unique, something you… we’ve got some very cool clothes at the Market.

If you’ve got a serious love-on for vintage, stop by Jewels of Crown or Mustang Sally Vintage and slide some hangers around.  Carly at Jewels of Crown has a little thing for the demure 50’s, and it shows up in the adorable gingham aprons and shirt-waist dresses you sometimes spot on her mannequins.  She’s got some brights out for spring, like the little yellow prom number we spotted recently.  Wear this to a spring formal and imagine  you’re “a beautiful blonde pineapple…”

Meantime, Denise at Mustang Sally has been bringing out everything from sexy tough-girl camo short-pants and denim jackets to micro-dot cupcake halter dresses.  There haven’t been fights or anything yet over her pieces (Market customers are way too nice for that) but we’ve seen some looks.  Denise and Carly update their inventories on Friday afternoons, so if you want first dibs on the latest vintage finds, shop early on Saturdays.

JOYCE_spring2015In addition to our purveyors of hand-picked vintage clothing, we’ve got three amazing designers offering new off-the-rack clothing on the second floor.  At Superior Sewing, Hanna can help you with alterations and custom designs.  She’ll be bringing out summer dresses and blouses soon, but meantime she’s clearing out old stock to make room, so look for bargains on blouses and tunics as well as her too-cute tulle tutus, fun-fur vests and fuzzy shrugs.  At ElfArrow Apparel, Kyley showcases her own fluid, comfortable designs, fabricated by workers in a factory Kyley works closely with in Nepal.  Recently we spotted the all-cotton leg-warmers Kyley’s offering in gorgeous, cheerful colours, and added them to the Must Have list for spring layering.

Local designer Joyce Seppala has been clothing Thunder Bay for over twenty years.  Her clients keep getting better-dressed, and Joyce keeps getting hipper.  European-trained and fiercely individualist, she imports small quantities of quality fabrics to create wildly different, small-run collections of tops, jackets, skirts, pants, coats and sweaters.  It’s hard to do justice to her work with words, though, and even the photos you’ll see of women wearing Joyce’ fashions don’t really cut it.  The next time you’ve got a few extra minutes, stop and ask Joyce to put something on you.  Let her pick – she’s really good at it.  You’ll come out of the change-room marveling at how the fabric hangs on you, and then you’ll stand in front of the mirror.  Whoa!  Lady, you are so pretty.  That jacket frames you so that everybody can see it, even with your Saturday morning Market bed-head and your quick-dry pants underneath.

After you’ve done a full tour of the second floor to meet the fashionistas, go around again and check out the accessoristas.  Find new and vintage jewellery, scarves and bags at most of our fashion vendors and also Old Highway, where Dawn makes stunning original bead-work accessories, Jangle Sisters Jewels and, on the first floor, at the Beads Go On.  If you’re a hat-lover, stop and see Laura and Marg at Elli’s Hats & Headbands where they’re just getting things set up for spring and should be putting out straw hats, fedoras and more as the weather warms up.



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