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SumacHillCreations01A Creative Soul
Marcel Tardif of Sumac Hill Creations has been a creative entrepreneur for the majority of his life. Always a creative person, inspired by life and its surroundings, Marcel’s love for rustic woods of all kinds has always fascinated him.

Marcel lives on the shores of Lake Superior with his wife, Susan, and 2 dogs, where they SumacHill03beachcomb all the time. Natural treasures are abundant, and through his creativity, he turns many of these treasure into something practical…that’s were the fun begins.

Marcel started turning wood in high school in the mid 70’s and dabbled in it to keep up his interest. In September 2015, he decided to get into turning full-time after being forced into semi retirement because of back problems. Turning wood very quickly became an addiction and he hasn’t looked back since. “I truly love the challenges of each piece of wood,” he exclaims.

Marcel has 3 wood lathes along with many other woodworking pieces of equipment to make things go smoothly. He has created many things like custom bowls and platers, and each piece is made from either local wood or exotic sustainable woods like sapele. Each SumacHillCreations02piece is completely unique and has its own personality.  He also makes artisan rag rugs, driftwood mobiles and garden signs. “Wood has a warm earthy feel to it,” explains Marcel, “Come and see for yourself!”

You’ll find Marcel and his handiwork located on the second floor of the market, along the north wall. Sumac Hill Creations offers a beautiful selection of rustic country handiworks and you can stop by to say hi to check out their wonderful world of wood every Saturday morning.

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