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SupOil02This week’s vendor profile features “a healthy product with ‘natural flavour’ infusion”, as stated by Violet, owner of Superior Olive Oil Company. Violet was kind enough to submit a short write-up of a little about her and her husband’s business. We are proud to feature them as this week’s market vendor feature: 

How are our healthy products of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar flavoured with so many options while still remaining healthy for you?

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oils are sourced from around the world with our current base Extra Virgin Olive Oil coming from Spain and Tunisia. The flavourings are made using an Extra Virgin Olive Oil base and are natural, vegan and allergen free. The flavourings are basically extracts and essential oils made from plant-based product. If there is no actual butter in our Butter EVOO than how can it be “natural”? The molecules that give butter its flavour can be found naturally from other sources in nature. Sweet potatoes contain a high concentration of this molecule therefore allowing for a “natural” butter flavouring that can also be called vegan. So there is no actual cheese in our Parmesan and Garlic EVOO and no meat in our Bacon EVOO.

Our Balsamic Vinegars are flavoured the same way except using an alcohol base, say, similar to vanilla extract. Some flavours like our Spicy Mango actually have Chili Powder added to them which can create a grainy texture and the bottle may need to be shaken from time to time. Our White Sesame Ginger Balsamic has black sesame seeds added to it and may need to be shaken to distriute them throughout the product.SupOil

The spicier Pure Olive Oils that we carry such as Chipotle, are flavoured by actually soaking dried chilies in the oil for a period of time to achieve the flavouring.

Superior Olive Oil Company’s products do not contain any additives, colours, caramels, or preservatives as indicated on each bottle’s nutrition label. Our EVOOs are simply that, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and natural flavouring and our Balsamic Vinegars contain the most important ingredient: the grape must, followed by some red wine vinegar and natural flavouring as well.

Flavour infusion is an ideal way to introduce quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars to your palate while reaping the many health benefits at the same time.

Stop by Superior Olive Oil Company’s booth on the lower level towards the rear right corner of the Market in the CLE’s Dove building beside Waking Giant Coffee and taste one of our delicious products perfect for your marinades, salad dressing, dessert topper and much more. We would be happy to share some of our healthy recipe ideas with you.

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