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HP_jun14On Wednesday night this past week Henry Wielobob of H&P Jams & Jellies sidled up and tucked a little jar into our Market bag with a grin.  “Try it,” he said, “but don’t say anything about it if you don’t like it.”  Famous for their experimental combinations both sweet and savoury, preservers Henry and  Pat have introduced new flavours in the past year that combine pineapples and bananas, cherries and wildberry, peach and hot peppers among other interesting flavours.  (You may remember our experiment with the Peach-Pepper Jam dabbed onto Slate River Dairy’s Yogurt Cheese with crackers – yum!)

Our quick breakfast this morning, sponsored in part by Henry:  toast, coffee and a double helping of H&P’s new Blueberry Kiwi Jam.

We love preserves.  Opening a jar of blueberry preserves can put you right back into a sunlit day in August, only without the blackflies.  Kiwi is not a strong-tasting fruit; as a result this new one of Henry and Pat’s scores high for that real blueberry flavour, without any distinguishing kiwi taste.

This actually might be better labelled a jelly because of its consistency:  kind of lofty and thick at the same time, almost like a great pasta sauce would be.  We think this is because of the kiwi, which adds its wonderful fibrous body to the spread rather than its flavour.  A few blueberry seeds remind you that this is a real homemade preserve, but it doesn’t seem to have the chunky consistency the berry skins lend to most blueberry jams; instead it’s smooth and spreadable.  It’s great on toast; it screams to be part of your next peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and our next batch of Thimble Cookies are going to be better than ever.  Mmmmm blueberries.  Don’t you love living in the Northwest?

H&P Jams & Jellies attends both Saturday and seasonal Wednesday Markets, offering the largest selection of homemade jams, jellies and other preserves at the Market – and probably Thunder Bay as well.



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