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With the holiday season just around the corner, many are gearing up their kitchens for the festive cooking and baking that will be taking place over the next few weeks. And really, what are the holidays without those extra holiday treats that we all tend to over-indulge in? This weeks feature vendor falls on a vendor who provides just that. Jo-Mik Baking is always ready to provide supreme, homemade baking, not only for the holidays, but all throughout the year

Joe Myslicki, owner of Jo-Mik Baking, has been baking goodness for the shoppers of the market for just under 7 years. What began as a hobby after retirement has become a business for Joe, and there isn’t much what you can’t find at his vendor booth which can be passed by. From lemon pie to carrot cake, brownies to breads, and plenty of different flavours of tarts, Joe keeps himself busy in providing plenty of fresh homemade goodness.

This summer will mark exactly 7 years of the start of Joe’s business. The market essentially became the first place where Joe was able to feature his baked goods, and from there, the business took off. Joe comments on how thankful he was, “[The business] far exceeded what I thought it would. I appreciate the loyalty and support of my customers and have enjoyed working alongside the other vendors [at the market].” It’s evident in Joe’s voice of the pride he has for his business and the locally-baked goods he enjoys providing the local community with. jomik02

Joe serves up a long list of products, and keeps very busy in offering a large variety for his loyal customers. Choose from over 5 types of pies, including sour cream apple, lemon, pumpkin and many more, as well as sugar-free options. Joe also offers many types of breads and buns, including white, whole wheat, raisin and cheese buns. As far as seasonal novelties go, you’ll find everything from thumb print to sugar cookies, short bread to molasses cookies. And of course, the number of dessert and entreating treats are endless to choose from, including many types of loaves, squares, muffins and cakes. There really is nothing Jo-Mik can’t provide you with! Whether it be for some holiday entertaining, a break from your own baking, or just for something a jomik01little different, Jo-Mik Baking’s stand on the first floor of the market is one that you can’t easily pass by!

Besides the market, you can find Jo-Mik’s products at the Fox on the Run Cafe, Superior Shores Gaming Bingo Hall, and the Fish Shop storefront. Joe also
offers free delivery anywhere within Thunder Bay, and you can find much more information (including a tantalizing image of each product!) on his website.

As the season of merry-making and eating good things fast approaches, it’s worth the effort to make sure your eating GREAT things! Things that allow you a savouring and enjoyable experience. Jo-Mik Baking is certainly one of those things.

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