These Treats Just Can’t be Beet

Delicious beety treats from Baba's at the Market.These Treats Just Can’t be Beet

Keri Garland at Baba’s Ukrainian Food loves beets, and if you don’t, a visit to the table she operates with husband Gerry could just change your mind.  Like many bright-hued vegetables, beets are chock-full of good things.  An excellent source of folate and manganese, beets obtain their dark red colour from a high concentration of betaines, which have been linked with reductions in heart disease and stroke.  Beet juice has also been shown in recent studies to lower blood pressure.  But let’s not just talk about how good they are for you; let’s talk about how Keri can show you their delicious side.

Keri offers several dishes made with beets, including a classic candy-red Borscht, Beet Salad, a dip made with roasted beets and our new favourite:  Cream of Beet, Potato and Leek Soup.  The colour is out of this world:  a vibrant fuchsia that may fool you into thinking this is dessert, but it most certainly is not.  The flavour of this outrageously-coloured soup is creamy and ringing with the rich pong of onions and leeks, beautifully married to the earthy flavour of the beets.

Want to try making it yourself?    Check out Keri’s recipe for Cream of Beet, Potato & Leek Soup!

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