Two More for 2014

BLZ_cabbageOur Market is kind of like a giant department store, but then again it isn’t.

It’s like a giant department or grocery store because at the Market you’ll find a similarly huge variety of products – “from soup to nuts and much more sandwiched in between,” as one of our Market Friends said on Facebook a couple of weeks ago.  The biggest difference is that when you’re shopping a department store you’re shopping one single company’s inventory, and that inventory seems to stay the same for a long period of time.  Ours definitely doesn’t.

At the Market our inventory changes every week, because we’re not one single company; we’re more than a hundred little teeny companies, all run by wildly different people.  The inventory of different products you’ll find at the Market ebbs and flows with our vendors and changes according to what they’re doing.  GYPSY_artThus, in the early spring our greenhouse growers will join us with early produce; come summer, you’ll find us brimful of local veggies, each with their own season of availability.  Come late fall our artisans really step it up in order to give you their best efforts and most amazing creations for the holiday season.

Lots of our vendors come year-round, making our local Market something of a rarity.  In many other places farmers’ markets run only through the vegetable season, but we’re lucky enough here in Thunder Bay to have a group of vendors dedicated to operating the Market year-round.  When we gather on Saturday, January 3rd for our first Market of 2015, you’ll find vendors offering everything you’ve come to expect from us – “from TMOR_roastsoup to nuts and much more sandwiched in between.”

You may remember how pleased we were just a year ago to announce that thanks to their intensive planning and experimentation Veg-e-tate Market Garden would be with us through the winter.  As they’d planned, Justin and Caitlin were able to offer limited supplies of their greens right through the whole year.  In 2015 we expect to be seeing other farms joining them; Belluz Farms with their newly-available storage veggies like cabbages, carrots, turnips and potatoes (including those fingerlings everybody loves so much) and B&B, our local potato farmers as well.  They may seem small, but these are huge steps for our local farm community and will lay the groundwork for more.

Two more Markets for 2014 – tomorrow, December 20th, and on Christmas Eve – and then we’ll take a short break before returning on January 3rd.

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