Vendor Profile: Multimedia Artists – Peter Langes and Maggie Phillips

langesphillips02Exceptional Beauty in Metal and Concrete

These two have been with us at the market since March 2016, part of our lineup of artisanal vendors, providing primarily one-of-a-kind concrete creations and metal sculptures.

Maggie and Peter have over 20 years of experience in the world of visual craftsmanship and continue to thrive on their love and passion for all forms of art. All of their creations are based on their own original sketches and ideas, and they constantly seek to create fresh, unique forms of indoor and outdoor decor. Most of their work is reflective of the natural surroundings where they live, out in the rural countryside of Nolalu. Hardworking, determined and passionate, this couple has made this their choice of lifestyle. Tasked with the ongoing push to remain creative, Maggie and Peter seem to thrive off of this type of work. And it’s apparent in the beautiful and wondrous variety of creations they take to the market with them each week!

A Comfortable Place to Showcase Their Worklangesphillips

Since coming to the market, Maggie and Peter have been busier than ever to keep up with the demand for their unique creations. Since all of their art is one-of-a-kind, original and based on their own ideas and sketches, it has become quite popular around the community, both for indoor and outdoor use. While some of their customers choose to purchase to dress-up their yard or gardens, others enjoy some extra artwork for the interior of their home. From birdbaths sculptures, mushroom lawn ornaments and concrete mice, to metal tree wall hangings and practical candleholders, Maggie and Peter have come up with a large assortment of appealing and ornamental pieces!

These two have proven that the option of following a dream really is a possibility. All it takes is a little creativity, some hard work and a lot of passion!

Peter and Maggie can be found in Upstairs booth 9 – see Market Map for more information.

Contact Information:
(807) 475-0230

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