Vendor Listings: Handcrafts & Artisan Goods

A Perfect GiftHandmade gifts for new mother, baby and tot. Wanda Treanor, Thunder Bay, ON.

ABC Embroidery: Screened and Embroidered promotional items, souvenirs. Laura & Randy Morine, Thunder Bay, ON.

Be Natural Pottery: Hand-thrown Pottery. Brenda Delmas, Thunder Bay, ON.

Brad Hominick Pottery: available at Moss Cottage. Hand-thrown Pottery. Brad Hominick, Thunder Bay, ON.

Crazy Horse Studios: Hand-painted accessories, sinful baking. Bobbi Braun, Thunder Bay, ON.

Creative Cliffs: Hand-carved woodwork items. Marla and Melissa, Thunder Bay, ON.

Early Snows Pottery: Hand-thrown pottery. Fritz Lehmberg, Thunder Bay, ON.

ElfArrow Apparel: Local designer. Kyley Blomquist, Thunder Bay, ON

Elli’s Hats & Headbands: Handmade hats, toques, headbands for infants, kids, adults. Laura Collins & Marge Elmore, Thunder Bay, ON.

Gypsy’s Gems & Gifts: Local art & gifts. Guy Gagne, Thunder Bay, ON.

Jangle Sisters Jewels: Imported glass beads, assemble-your-own bracelets, accessories. Inez Lazzari, Thunder Bay, ON.

Jewels of Crown: Vintage & Upcycled Clothing, Antiques, Vinyl. Carly Vieira, Thunder Bay, ON.

Joyce Seppala Designs: Local designer, clothing manufacturer.  Joyce Seppala, Thunder Bay, ON.

Moss Cottage | The Urban Farmchick:  Handmade soaps, home decor, household & skin care.  Kate Fraser-Hominick, Thunder Bay, ON.

Norwest Sled Dog Adventures:  Handcrafted home decor, knitted winter wear, dog accessories. Jennifer Evans, Thunder Bay, ON.

Sumac Hill Creations: Rustic wooden handiworks.  Marcel & Susan Tardif , Thunder Bay, ON.

The Beads Go On: Original jewellery creations.  Jolene Papich, Thunder Bay, ON