Vendor Listings: Specialty Products & Services

Brule Creek Farms:  Stone-Milled Flours & Flour Products.  Jeff & Andrea Burke, Thunder Bay, ON.

Chocolate Cow:  Peanut & Tree-nut Free Chocolate Confectioners.  Doug & Jane Stanton, Thunder Bay, ON.

The Poppin' Hut:   Slightly Sweet, Somewhat Salty Popcorn Snacks.  Mike Chalat, Thunder Bay, ON.

Paradis Apiaries:  Honey, Syrups, Jams & Jellies.  Elizabeth Paradis, Thunder Bay, ON.

Singing Poplars: Gourmet Non-Dairy Creamy Coconut FreeZ. Ayla, Thunder Bay, ON


Petrie's Cycle & Sport:  Quality Bicycles & Accessories. 

Shine Photo:  Portraiture & Other Photography Services.

Superior Olive Oil Company:  Importers of Flavoured Olive Oils & Balsamic Vinegars.

The Waffle Bar:   Waffles and fresh-pressed juices.

Waking Giant Coffee Co. (1, 2):  Locally-roasted Coffees, Café.

The Market attracts some of the most talented crafters in the region.  Our specialty vendors have spent years learning, practicing and perfecting their crafts and you'll find them eager to answer your questions and share their passions. 

At the Market you'll find rich local honey and honeycomb from family apiaries with generations of experience.  Specialty teas, carefully chosen for quality and variety, will tempt you with visions of lazy, fragrant afternoons.  Follow your nose to the source of rich locally-roasted coffee beans, but beware:  drive-through franchises will never have the same appeal.  You'll spend many pleasant moments lingering over the chocolate selection, where handmade truffles, carefully crafted Single Origins chocolate bars and delightful shaped lollies will compete for your attention.

Bakers in pursuit of the 100-Mile Diet have been ecstatic to meet the millers producing Thunder Bay's only locally-milled flour.  They, like the rest of our vendors, are always on-hand to tell you about their products.