Suspended Coffee: Waking the Giant Heart of Thunder Bay

WGNT_logoWGNT_pouringGood coffee, like good food, is supposed to be one of those things that brings people together.  People rarely invite you to go for a hot chocolate or take a fifteen-minute morning tea break in this part of the world – coffee is still our hot beverage of choice year-round for gatherings.  Drive-through coffee line-ups, which have been known to back up traffic on major thoroughfares at peak coffee hours in this town, seem a little counter-intuitive when you think about it.  This product that’s supposed to bring us together is being served to us in the confines of our own vehicles where we won’t have the opportunity or the challenge of interacting with the people behind or ahead of us.

Jay Stapleton is about to turn all of that on its ear by putting the coffee on the wheels and asking people to walk up to the window to order.  Waking Giant Coffee Cart should open sometime this summer and will be found in various locations throughout the city on a day-to-day basis as well as at outdoor events.  Jay will be offering locally-roasted coffee on tap as well as brewed-to-order using traditional methods, so you can enjoy foamy lattes, caps and mochas made “from scratch” and not “from squirt.”

And that’s the sales pitch – and it’s totally great, but it’s not even the best part.

WGNT_suspendedJay is a triple-bottom-line kind of guy, so just selling coffee is never going to be enough.  He’s also an active proponent of the Suspended Coffee movement.  This is a simple, straightforward way of doing something kind for someone in need.  There’s no overhead and no extra staffing involved, just honest business owners who are willing to be the intermediaries in a charitable giving program, and customers who know how much a coffee and a baked treat can mean to someone in need.  To give, just tell Jay you want to buy a Suspended Coffee and a baked treat for $5 and he’ll hold it “in suspension,” to be claimed by someone who can’t afford to pay for it.  A little card with your first name on it will be passed along with the coffee break combo.  Small acts of kindness can make a big difference in people’s lives.

We’re so excited for you, Jay!  Congratulations!

Contact Jay Stapleton and Waking Giant Coffee on the Market’s first and second floors during gathering hours or:

Fall 2014:  Open and operating at 59 South Court Street!

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