A Friend With Pie is a Friend Indeed

UNALT_dee_feb15We’ve been talking a lot about pie lately, it seems.  There are a few vendors making pie at the Market.  Lest you think there’s duplication, we’d like you to know, first off:  they’re all different.  And that’s a good thing, because everybody’s got a different idea of what makes good pie.  And you’re all right.  There might be bad pie out there, but you probably aren’t going to find it at the Country Market.

Whether you’re a fan of butter pastry like you’ll find in the hot Hand Pies we talked about last week at Pie.ology, Berni’s serving-size mushroom quiches, Jo-Mik’s amazingly aromatic Blueberry Buttermilk invention or Dee’s new Beef Pies, one of our vendors has your number.

Today we want to talk about Dee’s Beef Pie, because there’s been a bit of a vacuum at the Market since Michael Quibell of Little Doo’s retired from home baking and moved into a position running the kitchen at Shelter House.  Michael’s old location across from the Café has been masterfully filled by Sandpiper Cakes (Jennifer’s beautiful smile and wickedly tempting micro-cakes have a lot of stopping power) there are still patrons wandering by wondering wistfully where they’re going to get those amazing little pies they used to be able to heat for 30-40 minutes for a delicious homemade meal.

UNALT_meatpieEnter Dee at Unique Alternatives, who in addition to her regular roster of sweet baking and sugar-free alternatives is now producing single-serving savoury pies very similar to Michael’s Beef Pie.  In fact, given that Dee was Michael’s stall neighbour at the Market for so long, we think she’s probably gotten his input.  Jammed with ground beef and chopped veggies, the one we tried recently was definitely worth a repeat visit.  Dee has the consistency of a good meat pie down pat: moist enough to hold together on the fork, not so moist that half the pie stays on the plate unless you use fingers, and anyone who’s tried Dee’s pastry will know already that she’s got golden and flaky down to a science.

Got a busy schedule?  Got a family on crazy cris-crossing schedules?  Having items like this in the freezer can save you time and work, rescue you from skipping a meal and ensure there’s always something homemade on-hand to feed early diners and stragglers.

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