A Hat Above

ELLI_redfelt-polkadotsShopping at Elli’s Hats and Headbands is always fun, and not just because Laura and Margy, the two bubbly ladies you’ll meet in their U-shaped gauntlet of fashion temptation, are a hoot. It also means a legitimate opportunity to tear through their inventorytrying on. If, like many of us, you had a bin of dress-up clothes you turned to for fun over and over again as a child, you want to get in on this, because Laura and Margy know a few secrets they’re willing to share with you:

  1. Trying on hats with friends is an express ticket back to your childhood. Go ahead and dare each other to try on that hat you wish you could wear to work. You’ll burn a quarter-hour oohing, aahing and laughing.
  2. You can wear that hat to work. Hats are dress-up clothes you are allowed to wear out of the house. Take it from someone who’s been swanning around town wearing one of their little flapper-inspired felt numbers at every cold-weather opportunity since this time last year: you can get away with this. And people will compliment you. And you will like it – a lot.
  3. Hats aren’t fickle about your holiday pounds.?Don’t worry – even if your favourite jeans can’t forgive the extra strudels, Nanaimo bars, cabbage rolls, turkey gravy, mashed potatoes, hot chocolate with schnapps, whipping cream and other holiday delights, your beloved hat will still keep you warm and fashionable in January.
  4. Guys like hats too. Laura and Margy keep a collection of felt fedoras, pork pies and toques so they can try on too, and here’s another secret that’s probably not much of a secret: Ladies like guys in hats.

Laura and Margy have stocked the displays at Elli’s with a really great variety of unique pieces you can wear all winter as well as some extra-cute holiday-themed hats for adults and kids. Look in their inventory for fashionable felt hats for ladies, adorable animal-inspired stringed toques for kids, “bearded toques” incorporating an amusing yet practical chin cover, stylish shaped felts for men and more traditional winter hats as well.


Meet Laura and Margy at Elli’s Hats and Headbands on the second floor of the Market.


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