A Little Bit of Ukraine

Holubtsi, borscht, kapusniak, varenyky and pyrizhky. Coveted delicacies that we’ve all, at one point or another, enjoyed with a meal. Let’s translate that for you… cabbage rolls, beet and sauerkraut soup, pierogies and filled buns. Is there any time of year where Ukrainian inspired cuisine isn’t a welcome at our table?!

BabasCabbageRollsBaba’s is a small family-run catering business that has been with us at the market for
five years now. Keri is the inspiring cook behind some of Thunder Bay’s best homemade Ukrainian foods, and will have your tastebuds dancing at first bite. Her hard work and talented skills in providing our market shoppers with tasty cuisine from generations of passed down recipes has become a welcome for many. Ukrainian background or not, there are few who have not sampled a warm cabbage roll or a batch of mouth-watering pierogies, and there’s little excuse not to venture further into trying Ukraine’s food staples. Baba’s has got you covered!

Baba’s biggest seller? Keri was confident about that answer as she described the ingredients used in one of her two types of cabbage rolls. Her vegetarian, gluten-free option is made up of cabbage filled with brown rice, quinoa and traditional seasonings. This gives shoppers a more healthy alternative to her original cabbage rolls, and they’ve become her most popular food item by far. For those who prefer the traditional recipe, Keri offers her original cabbage rolls stuffed with a delicious blend of white rice, seasonings and lots of ground beef. Both options of rolls are available smothered in a homemade tomato sauce, and Keri uses local ingredients for her products wherever she can including locally-grown cabbage from Belluz Farms.

BabasPerogiesAlso a hot seller: Baba’s homemade variety of pierogies. There are plenty of them available each week for a take home option or you may even be tempted to try her ‘Pierogi Poutine Special’ which has quite the following! You’ll receive 6 cheese pierogies smothered in homemade pork belly gravy, Thunder Oak Cheese Farm smoked gouda and toppings such as bacon, caramelized onions, hot peppers and sour cream. It’s something that’s become a hot food market specialty, and Baba’s is the proud supplier behind this dish.

Some of the other products Baba’s offers include the favourite dill potato salad, Ukrainian beet salad and delicious homemade soups. Keep your eyes open around town, as Baba’s goodies can also be found at a few local retail outlets including George’s Market. Make Saturday market visits a part of your routine where you’ll find Keri behind her booth in the front foyer every week, ready to serve up some of Thunder Bay’s best Ukrainian treats!

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