A Little Taste of Italy

CHINO_sugarfreeDonato (Don) Sacino had a dream to start a business. With a passion for cooking, and Italian blood running through his veins, his dream became reality after taking on his now very successful business in creating healthy, fresh tomato sauces for the community of Thunder Bay. Sharing his love for the foods of his Italian roots, Don has brought a unique and flavourful product to the Thunder Bay Country Market that shoppers have come to love. This week’s vendor feature of the week falls on, you guessed it, Chino’s Cuisine.

Don’s passion for cooking began at an early age. He became inspired through many of his mother’s and his two Nona’s (grandmother’s) traditional Italian dishes, all of which were home-cooked and full of flavour and goodness. Don believed that in starting a business, one must be passionate about what they are selling or servicing. Hence why Don undoubtedly turned to his passion for cooking, and began experimenting with traditional pasta sauces, which stem from traditional Italian recipes. He also noticed a large, growing market for gluten free products, and after doing his research, decided this was the route he would pursue.

All of his “Originale” red pasta sauces are a rich tomato sauce passed down from generation to generation, cooked using fully ripened packaged tomatoes (or freshly ripened from Sothern Ontario when available), and are prepared with no meat, preservatives or thickening agents. All of his pasta sauces are guaranteed gluten free, wheat free and some even cholesterol free. Chino’s products are available in a variety of ingredients and styles. Some, like his Gourmet line, include more spices, salts, herbs and cheeses, which provide a more traditional flavour. Others, like his Connoisseur line, provide the richestCHINO_500mL of flavours through its long list of rich, pure ingredients including butter, cream, cheeses and clarified fats. Also available is the Buona Salute line, a very simple but versatile pasta sauce, with many great characteristics in a Vegan sauce: flavourful, Low Sodium, Cholesterol Free and No Sugar Added options. Don keeps the health concerns of his customers in mind using only the finest ingredients and constantly experimenting with new recipes. Questions on ways to use his sauces? Don is always happy to guide his customers in the right direction. His sauces are flexible to cook with; they’re versatile to use while holding their exceptional flavours.

Don first began selling his products at the Thunder Bay Country Market 10 years ago, and still remains a home-based business today. The market has been a great asset in that it’s helped him test and trial his products among the community. In short, his pasta sauces have hit a ”home-run” with the community of Thunder Bay, and his products have rapidly grown in popularity. Besides the market, you’ll find his sauces in 13 different retail locations around Thunder Bay, as well as 6 across the border.

Don thoroughly enjoys the interaction with his customers, and loves the excited look on the faces of his market customers when they try his products. You can find him and his sauces on the main floor, towards the right side of the building. The secret ingredients to his flavourful lineup of sauces remain a secret, and Don doesn’t plan on quitting any time soon. So why don’t you stop by Chino’s Cuisine next time you’re at the market to see – and taste – these authentic sauces for yourself.

Buon Appetito!

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