A Market Poem

JUL14_CLE-schedulesidebarSpecial thanks to Mary Davis, who submitted this poem as part of our
Facebook Contesting in July 2014 in response to the question
“What is the best thing about the Thunder Bay Country Market?”

The Thunder Bay Country Market
Is the greatest place to be
On Saturdays or Wednesdays
I’m sure you’ll all agree!

Stop on by if you wish
For a dinner or a treat,
With vendors selling local goods,
The flavours can’t be beat!

You can also peruse clothing,
Jewelry, hats, and bikes,
Peppers, aprons, flour, plants,
There’s always something you like.

You’ll find all sorts of neat fun stuff,
And it’s all in one location.
They make it easy to find treasures
At the best Market in the nation!

The Market has all these great things,
It’s hard to pick just one –
The food, the goods, the atmosphere,
Well, it’s all pretty fun!

So go on up and grab a seat
On the top floor at the Dove,
Enjoy a treat or just a break
And share the local love!

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