A Sweet Northern Story

SWNTH_featureSo many of you have been asking about the Sweet North Bakery that we figured it was time to get you the back story on their big new move.  So here’s what we found out:

Yes:  Erinn and her team have leased the old Court Street Cafe/Dimitri’s/Ruby Moon/Cirque du Manger space on Court Street.  You know, the one in the same block as a bunch of other amazing local businesses like the Loop, Mars and Chenier Fine Arts.  They are deep into renovations now:  that long low space that always seemed like a bear’s den is about to get a serious facelift, Sweet Northern Style.  You’ve seen what they do with that little space they occupy at the Market; just imagine what they’ll do with an entire storefront of their own!

Erinn says they’re creating a fresh and airy space where you’ll be able to see everything being prepared.  No mysterious kitchen space hidden at the back of the den.  “We love the Market,” she says, “and we’re bringing the feel of the Market – that openness of information, that connection with the people who are creating for you – to Port Arthur.”  Pretzel addicts rejoice!

Yes:  They will stay with the Market after their storefront opens.  Yes, you’ll still be able to get the pretzels, cookies, scones, banana buns, truffles, Skullrock Stout Cake and other Sweet Northern delights at the Market.  Erinn had planned to “keep things a bit simpler” while she and the team occupy so much of their time with renovations, reducing their selection a little at the Market but as Erinn says, she’s not so good at simple.  Saturdays at the Sweet North’s Market space will look about the same as usual.

SWNTH_gouda-prosc-pretzelWednesdays are a little different.  To reduce the workload they’ve had to reduce their selection on Wednesday afternoons, and are bringing only a few goodies – scones, one or two varieties of cookies, a truffle or two.  But the pretzels – oh, the pretzels.  Made with local eggs and Brulé Creek Flour, the pretzels are what got the Sweet North their following at the Market and are still their Wednesday staple… with a twist.  Well, another twist, seeing as we’re talking pretzels.  Love cheese?  Love salty meat? In addition to the salted and the sugar-cinnamon versions, Erinn’s started making a Margherita pretzel and a Proscuitto-Gouda version, both of which have become hugely popular.  We sampled the Proscuitto-Gouda version the other night.  You should too.  We’re not going to talk about this like it’s a revelation or anything, because EVERYTHING that comes out of that kitchen is good, but this is one really good pretzel.  Like all the Sweet North twisties the dough is just right in the sweet-salty department.  The golden crust is a little bit crusty, a little bit elastic – just perfect for a pretzel, and now it has crispy shreds of saltily delicious Italian ham stuck to a bubbly, crunchy, salty coating of baked Thunder Oak Gouda.  Lord, do you really need us to say any more?  Get one – you won’t be sorry.

We hope you’ll join us in congratulating Erinn and the whole Sweet North Bakery team on their big move.  We couldn’t be prouder.


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