Big Talent, Tiny Packages

DAWN_beaded-fish-barretteIf you’ve never stopped into Dawn Bodnarchuk’s little niche to admire her work, this would be a good time. Like many of our second-floor vendors, Dawn ramps up her production and her imagination in the months leading up to the Christmas holidays, knowing there will be an extra-big demand for the beautiful things she creates. Fortunately for you, this is the beginning of it – when the collection at Designs By Dawn is at its broadest.

Good beadwork is a product of imagination, good taste and discipline, and Dawn’s got all three in spades. Working with woodland-inspired themes like animals, fish and insects as well as more abstract shapes, Dawn painstakingly creates a design and a colour palette for each piece before carefully shaping the base leather and beginning the incredibly fine work of stitching myriads of tiny beads onto it.

DAWN_barrett-backImagination and good taste will only get you so far. Although the colours and layouts of her pieces are gorgeous (check out the rainbow trout barrette we spotted above and left, and the moose patch, below, which may have been inspired by the art of her Market neighbour, popular woodland artist Kevin Belmore of Minowewegabow Art) it’s the hand-eye coordination and discipline Dawn brings to the beading table that really make her stand out.

DAWN_beaded-mooseBeadwork is hard to get right, and sloppy work can’t be hidden. Good beadwork pieces exhibit smooth, clean lines and nice transitions of colour, effects you can only achieve with precise needle-work. You’ll see evidence of the discipline and hand-eye coordination in the gorgeous pieces Dawn’s creating for you this fall.

In addition to the barrettes, combs, bags and other personal items she creates on her own, Dawn can custom-bead for you. Got an idea for a special gift? Dawn can work with you to adapt an existing design or create something you invent together. Good beadwork takes time, though, so be sure to visit her on the second floor soon, and see Dawn’s contribution to what we think is the most amazing collection of artisans in Thunder Bay.


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