Celebrating Their First Sweet Year

PIEO_1yr-posterFirst off:  there’s going to be ice cream.  

It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year since Liesl and Dan joined us on our second floor behind their first, modest chalkboard and the words Pie.ology:  Hand Pies Made With Heart.  On the other hand, when you consider what they’ve done in a year, it’s also really hard to believe it’s only been a year.

From a little business she enjoyed on weekends and evenings, Liesl Orford’s hand-pie bakery has grown into a full-time pursuit, and she and partner Dan have become regular fixtures at the Market with a dedicated following of customers delightedly licking their fingers in anticipation of their next development.  Whether it’s the addition of a new recipe (the Hot Beef and Ale hand pie featuring the Sleeping Giant’s Skull Rock Stout was a big hit) or the ongoing upgrades to their stall to increase freezer space and provide for cozy bench seating for visitors, Liesl and Dan’s sweet and flaky vision has had us all cheering them on; customers, vendors and Market staff alike.

fresh_apple-hand-pies_splitThis Saturday Pie.ology celebrates their first year in business with hot apple pie á la mode.  If you’ve ever wondered what one of those flaky, buttery, apple-filled (yes: real fresh apples and cinnamon, too – never the canned stuff) pockets would taste like with a scoop of vanilla melting on top, this will be your day.  There’s also going to be a give-away; customers are invited to enter a free draw to win a box of Ham & Swiss and Ploughman’s pies.

Liesl has developed a mailing list for their newsletter and seasonal pre-orders and invites anyone interested in signing up to email her at liesl.orford@gmail.com.  Liesl and Dan would like to thank all of the wonderful people who have embraced this venture at the Market.  They’re looking forward to many more great years serving up fresh hot meat pies and fruit pies.

Please join us in congratulating Liesl and Dan!


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