Chocolate Cow: Slightly Different

Everything about Chocolate Cow is slightly different from expectations.  Most of the time, “slightly different” means simply “better chocolate,” made by choosing better ingredients over cost-saving fillers every time.  Small batches mixed by hand mean that quality control is intensely personal:  Either Doug or Jane puts the Stanton Seal of Approval on every item that leaves their clever hands.

But “slightly different” sometimes means out-of-the-box responses to customer demand, like putting crunch in their nut-free chocolates by adding roasted garbanzo beans instead of peanuts or tree-nuts so everyone can enjoy a crunchy chocolate treat, or by creating wildly delicious combinations like their infamous Dark Chocolate Lemon Crisp Bark: dark chocolate made fabulous with the fragrance of lemon zest and rice crisps.

At Doug and Jane’s booth this Easter, “slightly different” means a selection of outside-the-box Easter treats that don’t all depend on the bunny theme to achieve maximum cuteness.  Whether you’re a kid or a kid-at-heart you’re going to awww over cute ducks, chocolate chicks, cuddly lambs and even crunchy carrot lollipops which, we suspect, could make for some adorable photo opportunities.

Chocolate Cow also makes Cream Eggs:  rich chocolate filled with creamy fondant.  A little smaller and a little less sweet than the foil-wrapped monsters you find in the grocery store, the Chocolate Cow variant makes a sweet Easter treat for just about anybody… including you.  Don’t forget about them while you’re awwing over the cute stuff:  half the fun of chocolate is picking out a treat for yourself while you’re shopping for someone else!


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