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DeBruins01DeBruin’s Greenhouses… for many of us, the image of a luscious, ruby-red tomato comes to mind at the mention of this market vendor. Over the years, DeBruin’s has become widely known for their reputable, pesticide-free produce, which market shoppers eagerly anticipate come early spring. Through innovation and extensive research in the field of horticulture, DeBruin’s Greenhouses has become one of Thunder Bay and area’s best sources for quality produce.

As DeBruin’s Greenhouses enters their 25th growing season, there are plenty of reasons to prove their continued success. This year brought on a bit of a change as owners Arjen and Henriet DeBruin decided to discontinue their bedding plant side of the business and turn their full attention towards their vegetable crops. Customers will still be able to purchase their quality lettuce, herbs and cucumbers, however, introduction of some new crops this year has come about, including hydroponic strawberries. DeBruin’s is also proud to be recently nominated as one of three local businesses as this year’s ‘Most Innovative Business of the Year’ award.

DeBruin’s was originally one of the founding businesses at the market. Since then, they’ve continued to satisfy market shoppers season after season. Currently, their produce list includes hydroponically-grown tomatoes, English and mini cukes, living lettuce, living basil and other fresh-cut herbs, with high hopes for this year’s first strawberry crop. Currently their best seller is their heirloom and cherry tomatoes.

When you purchase a tomato from DeBruin’s, not only are you purchasing local, pesticide-free produce, but you’re purchasing what has been labelled a “DeBruin tomato”. Many in our area are familiar with the way a garden tomato is grown. But what sets DeBruin’s apart in our area is their innovative greenhouse tomato crop. Every year, from early March until November, DeBruin’s is able to grow hundreds of tomato plants within three of their five greenhouses. IDeBruins02n turn, their crop produces thousands of pounds of fresh, ripe tomatoes, including beefsteaks, romas and the ever poplar cherries. High ceilings, a controlled temperature & watering system, and close attention to the plants themselves, all play a major role in the success of the crop. The result? Continuous ripe tomatoes which boast flavour and hold plenty of nutritious value.

Over the years, Arjen and Henriet have established great relationships with plenty of local retail outlets and restaurants, and are proud to support cross-promotion of local businesses. You can find their produce on the menus of over 10+ local eateries and catering businesses around town. In addition to the market, you can purchase their fresh produce at George’s Market, Maltese, Vitality Foods and Valley Fresh fruit stands, or drop by their greenhouse operation on Highway 61. You’ll be greeted by any one of their friendly staff members, or perhaps Arjen and Henriet themselves.

Come May, their tomato production will be in full swing, so don’t hesitate in purchasing your pick-of-the-crop from DeBruin’s stand at the market. They are located on the main floor between Chocolate Cow and Lucy Q, ready and waiting to offer shoppers the best of what they grow!

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