“Committed to Producing Healthy Food!”

MileHillAs summer comes to an end and prime harvest time is upon us, we’ve had the pleasure of featuring many of our committed produce vendors in the last few weeks. This week we feature Mile Hill Farms, another one of our dedicated vendors, committed to producing healthy food for the local community!

As residents of Gilles Township, Maurice and Renata Thiboutot and their family have been working the fertile ground of Mile Hill Farms since purchasing it in 2003. Together, they’ve built it up to where it is today, and have committed themselves to producing healthy food for families within the region. The first few years they worked on starting gardens and livestock herds, as well as raising a family. Today, with the help of their three children, they have built the farm into a economically viable business which focuses on organic farming practices.

Mile Hill Farms has been a part of our vendor lineup for quite some time; since 2005, they’ve been supplying quality beef as well as fresh organic vegetables.

“We produce food that we like to eat and we farm with two simple rules: love your family and love your soil. We strive to provide local, sustainably-grown food to our customers and friends. The farm is something that everyone who is a part of our lives is proud to be close to.”

Not only is it a way of life for the Thiboutot’s, but it’s become their passion and commitment. They are proud to be able to supply, not only themselves, but also many local families with enough food for the winter.

Mile Hill Farms grows fresh vegetables including onions (red & white, sweet and cooking), garlic, carrots, beans, beets and kale as well as fresh herbs. Currently, their most popular products have become basil, garlic and sweet onions. Mile Hill Farms runs a Winter CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), and offers bulk storage vegetables.

Mile Hill Farms provides local shoppers with a diverse selection of products but they are also proud to supply many of the local restaurants and retailers. You’ll find their products featured in the dishes of local eateries like Both Hands Pizza, In MileHill2Common, Caribou, Bight, Tomlin, Growing Season, and Red Lion, and at local retail locations like Maltese, Valley Fresh and Vitality.

It is obvious that Mile Hill Farms has become a growing and thriving family operation, committed to producing healthy food for the residents of our area. We are certainly proud to have them as one of the vendors at the market. Please come pay them a visit, every Wednesday night from 3:30 to 6:30pm, and again on Saturday mornings from 8:00am to 1:00pm. They are located outside, behind the market building, to the right of the door as you come out.

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