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WilmaWhen Slate River Dairy joined our vendor team at the market in October of 2011, we knew great things were meant for them. They began with a truly unique product to Thunder Bay’s community, and have since expanded their selection to include a total of six protein-rich, locally produced dairy products! Proud owners Jim and Wilma Mol are excited to offer all of these products to market shoppers. And for those of you who choose to take the scenic drive out to their new on-farm store and bottling plant in Slate River Valley, well, we promise it’s worth the drive!

Dairy products are nutritional powerhouse foods and drinks. They are packed with calcium, protein, Vitamin D and numerous other vitamins and minerals. Each product Slate River Dairy produces has its own benefits to the body, while all promise quality, wholesome taste. And their 45 hardworking employees can testify to that! The Mol’s herd of Holstein milking cows is the first step into producing their dairy products. Milked twice a day, producing close to 1000 litres of milk per day, the herd is hard at work to prove they’ve got what it takes! The milk is then cooled, carefully inspected and pasteurized to ensure quality standards are met. Wilma was kind enough to give us a rundown on each product they currently feature, promising more products in the future!

1. Perhaps one of their most popular products, Slate River Dairy’s yogurt was essentially the first product they came to the market with. Made from their own whole milk, four cultures and no additives or fillers, it’s great for breakfast, dessert or a nutritional snack!

2. More recently, the dairy has become home to Thunder Bay’s local processing plant of pasteurized milk.
Cocoamilk Fresh from their cows, pasteurized and bottled, their milk is packed with nutrients because it is so fresh. Youcan purchase their milk as whole (non-homogenized so cream rises to the top) or skim (cream taken off). Be sure to try their cocoa milk as well, a mixture of only three ingredients: whole milk, cane sugar and cocoa powder.

3. Yogurt cheese has become another popular product at the dairy. What exactly is it? In the words of Wilma, “It is made by draining yogurt in a cheese cloth for two to three days. The final product is a cream cheese-type product, great for dips and spreads for crackers, toast and vegetables!”

CottageCheese4. Newest to their selection, Slate River dairy introduced their dry cottage cheese, made of only skim milk, culture and rennet. Wilma is quick to point out there are no fillers or salts added. Their cottage cheese is great for lasagnas, salads or as a snack with fruit. While the past years have been fairly challenging for Slate River Dairy, it has certainly proved where their desires lie. After a number of years of research, planning, building, and final inspections, Slate River Dairy opened the doors of their bottling plant on August 17, 2015. What does the future hold in store? Products like cream and 2% milk are on Wilma’s mind, and we’re sure she won’t stop there!

In the meantime, you can visit the market for your weekly dairy fix every Saturday from 8:00am to 1:00pm, where Wilma and her gang will be happy to serve you. Around town, you’ll find Slate River Dairy milk (whole, skim and cocoa) available at George’s Market, Vitality Food Market, The Cheese Encounter and Espresso Joya. The Growing Season has also introduced Slate River Dairy’s milk used in their cafe.

We’ve given you enough reasons, so don’t waste time, go grab your dairy! In the meantime, we’re going to reach for another cold glass of milk. Hmm…make that cocoa milk!

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