Dessert for Breakfast

WaffleBar02The title says it all… this week’s vendor feature of the week proves a GREAT reason to come out to the market on Saturday mornings! Treat yourself to a little sweet but oh-so-satisfying indulgence at The Waffle Bar, one of our newest vendors!

Owners Thomas and Brit decided to start their idea of offering fresh waffles to the residents of Thunder Bay after travelling through countries in Europe as well as through Thailand, where they noticed the many spots that offered them. Not only are waffles considered a breakfast staple in these areas, but they are also served as treats at the many street stands. And to top that, waffles are served great with almost anything, from syrups and nuts to fresh fruits and whip cream. So the pair took matters into their own hands and decided to tap into the niche market on this side of the pond.

The Waffle Bar is relativity new to Thunder Bay. They’ve only been open since January, but that’s not to say their products aren’t worth a taste-test! Co-owner Thomas was very reassuring in that they’ve been working on perfecting their recipes for quite some time. After working at things for awhile, they decided to set the bar a little higher and go into business, starting with a booth here at the market. Every Saturday morning you’ll find The Waffle Bar serving up a batch WaffleBar03of delicious fresh-pressed waffles with your choice of the toppings. Opt for their regular waffle, and you’ll receive a deliciously-warm waffle topped with Canadian maple syrup and sprinkled with icing sugar. Or, if you’re a little more adventurous, try their feature waffle of the week, where each Saturday morning brings a new twist to the table. It could be whipped cream/pecan/caramel & sea salt, or banana/nutella/coconut! It is, essentially, breakfast for dessert! But wait, there’s more! For those a little more on the health-conscience side, wash it all down with one of their fresh-pressed juices, made from Canadian apples and plenty of fresh fruits, to give you you’re vitamin fix for the day, too! Their fresh juices have also been approved as kid-friendly, with many young mother’s happily serving their satisfied children

Each week, you’ll find Thomas and Brit hard at work, eager to serve up some hungry customers who’ve saved their appetite for breakfast at the market. They’ve been pleased about the response so far and have very much enjoyed serving up a new product at the market. It’s WaffleBar01currently the only place you’ll find them, and they hope to continue serving at our upcoming Wednesday markets, as well. Beyond that, who knows! At the moment, Thomas mentioned it’s about a 50/50 split between the popularity of their regular waffle and their feature waffle option. But the pair is optimistic to bring on some new topping varieties in the future, particularity something a little more savoury. And we’re not complaining! Head on up to the second floor towards the far left side, (or simply follow your nose!) to dig into one satisfying breakfast. Because there really are few things in life that top a fresh waffle for breakfast on a Saturday morning, and now you’ve got no excuse….

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