Easter Arm Candy

JANG_easter2014There are a lot of sweet things on the table at Jangle Sisters Jewels, and you can enjoy all of them without brushing your teeth afterwards.

Proprietor Inez Lazzari says she got into the business after travelling to Europe with her sister (Inez is half of a duo at Jangle Sisters) and touring the Murano glass factories in Europe. Completely bewitched by the colours, the shapes and the light glistening off the clicking beads as they poured through their hands, the sisters agreed to seek out European wholesalers who could help them bring the phenomenon to Thunder Bay in a manner that avoided the high costs of marketing associated with similar name-brand jewellery.

Today you’ll find Inez on the second floor of the Market most Saturdays, sitting like a benevolent empress behind a horde of riches: her boxes of glittering beads. Among her treasures are specialty charms and coloured beads just right for holiday wear and special-occasion gifting. If you’ve been worrying about the amount of candy you or your child eats at holiday time, consider a visit with Inez instead of the Bunny over the next few weeks. A sparkling keepsake in the bright pastels of spring will last forever, and can be chosen from among Inez’ collection of ready-to-wear pieces or, if you love beads the way Inez does, chosen and assembled by you, bead-by-bead from among the gorgeous variety.

Visit Jangle Sisters’ vendor profile to learn more about the sisters and their arm candy!

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