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Bobbi4There’s the makers, there’s the bakers,  there’s the growers… and then there’s Bobbi of Crazy Horse Studio. A venture up to the second floor of the market will have you surprised by her display of talents. While she offers a variety of artistic wonders, we like to say her claim to fame is those fresher-than-fresh Manitoba Cinnamon Buns…

Bobbi Braun began Crazy Horse Studio in 2007. A long time resident of Thunder Bay, she offers a wide range of exclusive illustrations and digital artwork which is then applied to various merchandise. “My mother was an artist and she had many artist friends. Growing up, I received a lot of tutoring in different mediums.” Bobbi has experience working with everything from logos and portraits to wedding character art and tattoos. She then applies her original designs to merchandise for purchase. Items like tote bags, purses, blue jeans and aprons are all on display, and for those looking for even more originality, she will do custom work.

11899830_10152913705186266_8344566215331855903_nAside from her artistic creations, Bobbi boasts another talent: baking. Bobbi has experience cooking in restaurants all over the province, as well as in Manitoba. Perhaps that’s where she discovered her delectable, claim-to-fame recipe, Manitoba cinnamon buns, which are baked fresh Saturday mornings before we are even up! She also offers customers with even more weekend treats including black forest cake.

Crazy Horse Studio is not a stop to miss on your visit to Thunder Bay Country Market, and will leave you in awe of the talented woman who brings it all together. For the fun at heart, Bobbi is one of our vendors who proudly stands behind her creations!

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