For The Love of Vinyl

JEWLS_vinylYou’ll find some fascinating items on the shelves and racks in the space shared by Jewels of Crown and WoJo Originals on the Market’s second floor.  Partner Carly Viera – the Crown – shops for items among consignments, yard sales and second-hand shops all over the globe to find the gorgeous vintage clothing she offers; some cleaned and mended into almost-original condition, some “repurposed” to more modern silhouettes.  Having gauged our Market patrons carefully, she’s recently started including other items like antique and retro housewares (gasp!  delight!) and furniture as well as keepsakes, jewellery and, oh yes, VINYL.

With services like iTunes, Grooveshark and Songza quickly consuming the music market, we should be further away from the hiss, pop and hypnotic rotation of those shiny black discs than ever.  Judging, however, by the level of interest among the browsers flipping through the jackets and the constantly-replenished supply in Carly’s milk-crate displays, vinyl’s still got a solid following of believers.  Whether they’re professional DJs, traditionalist musicians or collectors, there’s a strong contingent of vinyl lovers who agree that there’s something magical about music on LP.

JEWLS_shopAs we flipped through the stacks in Carly’s milk-crates we found titles ranging from classic North American musicians like Cher and Tom Petty, well-known Brit acts like the Beatles and fun oddities like a single from DJ Jazzy Jeff and a self-titled album from female Japanese duo Pink Lady.  Random, whimsical and totally fun, and worth the time to stop for a peek yourself.  Whether you’re a true vinyl enthusiast or someone looking for a piece of artwork for your walls, a browse through the vinyl collection at Jewels of Crown is sure to put a grin on your face.

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