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We spent some time shopping on Wednesday during our first Christmas Wednesday Market.  There was a great turnout of vendors and patrons – less shoppers than Saturday morning, naturally, but enough to generate the cheery background hubbub of a busy Market and keep vendors busy.

If you’ve been finding Saturday’s whirl and bustle a little overwhelming sometimes… come on Wednesday evening instead.  The pace is slower, the vendors less hectic; you’ll find you’ve got more time to talk and browse and joke around with them.  For us it was an opportunity to look more closely at the tables for things we haven’t seen before; with over 80 ambitiously individualist vendors in the building it’s impossible to keep up with all of their innovations, and Wednesday night was great for slow browsing.

Here are a few of the things that caught our eye:

BNP_DEC14Hand-thrown Pottery
Did you know we now have not one but TWO amazing potters at the Market?  Fritz Lehmberg of Early Snows Pottery you may already know; his wood-fired creations have been inspiring patrons of the Market for over a decade.  Fritz is teaming up with neighbour Leanne from Whole Foods Vegan in their space on the north side of the second floor so you’ll be able to enjoy Leanne’s delicious vegan foods right on the spot, served from Fritz’ famous dishes in the New Year.
Recent Market addition Brenda Delmas offers hand-thrown pottery housewares and decor, including these gorgeous ladies and gentlemen shown here.  Handmade pottery makes a lovely gift, but beware: you may have a hard time giving it to someone else once you’ve spent some time admiring it yourself.  Wouldn’t that gorgeous serving bowl look even better on your table?  Wouldn’t those tiny, exquisite ornaments look perfect on your tree?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve found gifts your friends will love!  Meet Brenda on the second floor near the southwest stairwell, and check out her crafty neighbours for other local gift ideas.
LHAR_dec14Super Yummy Gifts

Emily McKay has been growing Little Harriett’s since she joined us last year as Little Harriett’s Natural Baby Foods.  Thanks to the popularity of her hot and cold cereals with adults, Emily’s expanded her offerings to include a full roster of both adult and baby cereals as well as juices and sauces made with local fruits and berries and her famous Arrowroot Cookies, available in original and gluten-free recipes.  This holiday season you can find beautifully gift-wrapped goodies at Little Harriett’s Natural Foods on the first floor, including cereals, jars of cookies and more.

Like Emily you’ll find that many of our prepared-food vendors have attractively-wrapped versions of their most popular products, ready for gifting.

SQUEEN_dec14Friendly Farmers
Here in Thunder Bay we’ve got a farmer’s market that runs year-round.  You may not know it, but that’s something of a rarity, and the fact that we have local meats, eggs and dairy products available in the Dove year-round is already pretty fantastic – but we have veggie vendors in December too!  Here’s Danny Vanlenthe at the Squash Queen’s table on the first floor, offering potatoes and winter squash.  A little past him between Lucy Q Perogies and the Chocolate Cow, in the spot you’d have found DeBruin’s tomatoes until they wrapped up last week, you’ll find Belluz Farms with cabbage, carrots, potatoes, squash and other storage veggies.  They plan to be with us through most of the winter this year, so you can enjoy local veg for longer.

JCROWN-dec14Party Clothes
Between Joyce Seppala Design, Superior Sewing, ElfArrow Apparel, Mustang Sally Vintage and Jewels of Crown Vintage, you’ve got a heck of a lot of wardrobe options on the Market’s second floor.  And we’re not even going to start talking about the hats and fascinators at Elli’s Hats & Headbands.

Joyce’ one-of-a-kind hand-made creations designed to flatter a woman’s figure can be found near the northeast stairwell. Across from her in the northwest corner ElfArrow, owned by local designer Kyley Blomquist, specializes in comfy, feminine pieces inspired by Eastern fashions and rendered in sustainable fabrics like bamboo and cotton.  Superior Sewing, where Hanna and Mona offer alterations, custom tailoring and handmade ready-to-wear clothing and accessories, is on the west side of the floor.

If you’re a fan of vintage clothing, purveyors Carly and Denise at Jewels of Crown and Mustang Sally can be found near the two south stairwells on the second floor; just look for the mannequins with the stunning old party dresses on them.

Join us this holiday season!

  • tomorrow, Saturday December 13 from 8am – 1pm
  • next Wednesday December 17 from 4-7pm
  • Saturday December 20 from 8am – 1pm
  • Wednesday December 24 – Christmas Eve – from 8am – 1pm.

After Christmas we’ll be closed until Saturday, January 3, and then open again for Saturdays for the rest of 2015.  See you at the Market!


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