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12345513_10153100538746266_8255345263610550629_nOur market is always bustling with unique finds and flavourful foods, all of which are made within the borders of our own community! And Judy of Lucy Q’s Perogies is no exception! Joining the vendors of our market a little over four years ago, she’s become famous amidst shoppers for her delectable perogies!

Judy was taught her perogie-making skills by none other than her loving Ukranian grandmother, and still uses that recipe to this day. In fact, the special attention and care into making her perogies is a result of the example set by her grandmother. Judy has stayed true to her perogy-making roots and kept the family recipe going through what has now become a small business for her, Lucy Q’s Perogies.

Her ever famous classic Potato & “Lotsa” Cheese Perogy is a hit, but she has plenty more available including Jalapeño, Cottage Cheese, Cream Cheese or Cottage Cheese & Dill, Sauerkraut, Greek, and Italian Style perogies. There are even a few sweet-flavoured fillings available such as Cherry or Blueberry Cheesecake dessert perogies. In total, Judy offers shoppers 17 different perogy flavours to choose from! Always on the lookout for a new type of flavour, Judy keeps in mind her “support local” theory. She ensures her customers that she uses local ingredients when possible, including local lean ground beef. There are no preservatives added and each batch of perogies is made with love, creativity and passion. She even offers a gluten-free option!

Judy’s perogies have become available in and around the Thunder Bay area, in many restaurants and retail locations. Always a believer in try-before-you-buy, Judy enjoys offering her customers samples of her perogies, which are available at her booth at the market. Just in time for the holidays, Judy’s perogies make an extra special, traditional treat for dinner time. And you can rest assured that they are some of the best in our community! Yet another reason you don’t want to miss stopping in to see what is all available amidst our talented vendor lineup!

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