Gems in a Jar!

HP_cran-horseradish”So many flavourful choices, where do I begin?” That may be your first thought when faced with the decision of purchasing your first jar of jam or jelly from H&P Jams and Jellies! Owners Henry & Pat Wielobob have created an unending list of classic and unique varieties of homemade goodness in a jar, plus many different vegetable preserves! One visit to their booth at the market may even have you tempted to take a few home.

Henry and Pat first began dabbling in jam and jelly making as a bit of a hobby. They began taking their preserves to small craft fairs and donating products here and there for fundraisers, gift baskets, and the like. It was then that Henry decided to pursue this as more than just a hobby. He would take it to the next level and develop a home-based business, while Pat continued to support her husband by helping out behind the scenes. About 8 years ago, they decided to join us as a vendor at the market, and popularity of their fine products has only grown since then.

Henry and Pat take pride in all of their homemade products. All of their jams and jellies use local ingredients whenever they can, though certain types prove to be more difficult. However, that doesn’t stop Henry from his continued passion of trial and error when it comes to jam and jelly making. Quite often you’ll notice a new flavourful twist has been added to HPJams01the H&P family. Their products range from many familiar to more unique flavours, and their is certainly something for everyone! Jam varieties include apple butter, peach, plum, pineapple and many other in-between, dual-fruit flavours, their newest being strawberry vanilla. Every fruit blend you can think of, they seem to have a jam for. While their jams tend to bring out the sweet flavours in life, their jelly varieties take on both sweet and savoury options. Try their crabapple, strawberry or raspberry jelly, the perfect topping for your morning toast, or opt for a more savoury flavour, such as garlic, jalepeno pepper or red pepper. These make a great addition to side dishes, atop a cracker with cream cheese, or used on many types of hors d’oeuvres. A few of their jellies can also be used as a relish, perfect for burgers. But the list doesn’t stop there! Depending on the season, there are always many more flavourful discoveries to be made, which means you’ll never run out of jams and jellies to try. All are available for purchase in three different sizes: 125mL, 250mL and 500mL, for the convenience of their customers. Labels listing all ingredients make it easier to cater to their customer’s special dietary needs and allergies. For those who wish, H&P Jams and Jellies also has a few sugar-free products available, sweetened through the sugar substitute stevia.

H&P also offers many types of preserves, including homemade sauerkraut, many types of pickles and beets and even a green tomato salsa. Again, availability of these products depends on the season as certain preserves HPJams02become more popular at certain times of the year. However, Henry and Pat always do their best to ensure their customers leave satisfied and coming back for more! In fact, through the help of family and friends, a few of their products have reached many other national and international destinations, travelling as far as Scotland and Korea!

The Thunder Bay Country Market is currently the only place to purchase these gems in a jar. Henry prefers to ‘monitor’ his products, keeping a close eye on his inventory and on the overall quality of all of his products. He also enjoys the close one-on-one interaction he has with his customers this way. However, he is always willing to contribute his products towards fundraising opportunities, make up gift baskets for housewarming gifts or work towards custom orders for special events, such as weddings. Interested in getting to know this market vendor and their products better? You’ll find H&P Jams and Jellies at the market every Wednesday evening from 3:30pm to 6:30pm, and again on Saturday morning from 8:00am to 1:00pm, located on the main floor, mid-section. Don’t delay, summer is upon us and promises a new crop of flavourful ingredients for the perfect jams, jellies and preserves!

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