Here’s the Trick:The Treat Goes On You

BARE_whippedcocoaHide this goodie in the sock drawer or the top shelf of the medicine cabinet, because the kids will be tempted to eat it.

It won’t hurt them if they do, but it won’t taste as good as it smells and they’ll complain.  Worse, anything they eat is one less bit you get to absorb through your skin, and that would be a crying shame.

Bare Organics’ Whipped Cocoa Butter is now in its beta testing phase.  That’s a point in a product’s development where owner Karen Kerk thinks her customers will want to try it for themselves, to see if it should go into larger production.

Cocoa butter’s been known for a long time as a great skin moisturizer, which is why you find it in many commercial products.  Packaging the pure product for skin care is a bit troublesome though, in part because of its hardness at room temperature.  Although its high fat content makes it start to melt instantly upon skin contact, unadulterated cocoa butter has to be chipped off larger pieces in small bits or worked at higher temperatures.  Karen’s whipped product, however, is a mix of raw cocoa butter, coconut oil and sunflower oil with just enough of the softer ingredients to let you apply it to the skin out of a jar – at which point it behaves just as expected and starts to melt into a clear oil that smells appetizingly like chocolate.

The composition of cocoa butter apparently lets it penetrate further than many other moisturizing agents into the skin, making it a great deep hydrator.  Keep this in mind as the air in your home and workspaces starts to have adverse effects on your skin over the coming months.  Talk to Karen about trying this new product or other tried-and-true Bare Organics skin care products for winter hydration.

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