Jay’s Giant Chiller

WGNT_jun14We can’t tell you how excited we are for our friend and, officially, finally, “new” vendor Jay Stapleton, who you’ll notice is now standing behind signs that say Waking Giant Coffee at the coffee shops on both the first and second floors.  Jay recently completed the purchase of all the retail operations formerly run by the Great Northwest Coffee Company, a deal he’s been quietly working on for at least half the past year.

Happily, Jay is as community-minded and local-focused as the rest of us, here, and despite some of the changes you’re going to see now that he’s running the show he advises that freshly, locally-roasted coffee will remain on the menu.  All of the changes we’re expecting to see under Jay’s ownership are going to make his operation bigger and better, like the coffee cart he plans to open this summer if all the prep work is finished in time, or the local baking he’ll be offering, the Suspended Coffee program he’ll be running.  (see our March 31 posting about Jay’s Suspended Coffee)

Among the other wonderful things he intends, Jay says both the first- and second-floor coffee bars will be open, both Market days.  As an added bonus for people who make the climb to the second floor, he’ll be storing ice cream in his tiny freezer up there so he can offer you Cafe Affogato, which he describes as espresso over ice cream, with chocolate optional.

WGNT_jun14-2Let’s talk for a second about the Cafe Affogato, because we ate (drank?) one last week, just before we watched Jay set one down in front of Val, the energetic announcer from CKPR who was with us last Wednesday and who afterwards spent five minutes swinging merrily from the rafters on the second floor singing Day-O.

Not being as energetic as Val, the caffeine jolt didn’t send us that high, but the treat was sweet and cold and refreshing in the heat.  The espresso melts the ice cream and the chocolate drizzle mixes in with everything.  You will need a combination of spoon and lips on the rim of the cup to lick the last of it from the bottom, but don’t worry:  there are serviettes.

Be sure to visit Jay on the second floor to congratulate him on his new business, and ask him for a Cafe Affogato to go with your dinner when you’re at a Wednesday Market this summer!


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