Keeping Warm

Beautifully-knitted wristlets at the Market.

There’s always a dilemma at this time of year:  mitts or gloves?  Gloves or bare hands?  Jennifer Evans of NorWest Sled Dog Adventures is no stranger to the decision-making process we all go through before heading outdoors for chores.

Removing the need to choose between them, Jenn is now offering hand-knitted wristlets in great colours (like the much loved Nipigon Nylon scheme shown here) that let you keep most of your hand warm while your fingers are free to text or fiddle with tools or parts.

Made of the same amazingly warm Icelandic Alafoss Lopi wool as her famously cozy J. Booth Toques, these cozy jobbies aren’t just a wonderful middle-of-the-road option for keeping your extremities toasty, they also look as cool as all get-out.

Got a teenager at home who refuses to listen to common sense and wear some Gosh-darned mittens?  Try these on for size…

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