Stylish Medical Bracelets

BGO_med-alertStyle and safety don’t have to mean two different things.  Jolene at the Beads Go On has been watching friends fiddle with their medical bracelets for years and remembers well how difficult it can be to ensure children and teenagers wear them at all times.

“If you’re not wearing it when you need it, it doesn’t work,” she says, and then gestures to the glistening stack she’s put together:  sparkly, funky, beaded alternatives to the plain, practical chains most wearers have grown resigned to wearing.  “So I make them more wearable.  Now it’s an accessory you want to wear.”

Medical bracelets contain critical health information that can give first aid and paramedic responders critical information about the wearer when it’s needed most, preventing mistaken assumptions and saving time that could make all the difference in an emergency situation.  Offered by Jolene in myriad bright colours, each pretty bracelet comes with an engravable strip clearly marked with the international symbol for medicine to make it immediately recognizable; wearers can customize them for their specific medical concerns.

Got a child who conveniently forgets to put his or hers on in the morning?  Having a hard time putting yours on with evening wear or when dressing for the office?  Visit Jolene and check out her collection of stylish alternatives or talk with her about a custom creation that keeps you safe and looks just the way you want it to.

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