New Thing: H&P’s Horseradish Cranberry

HP_cran-horseradish…or is it cranberry horseradish?  Is it a jam?  A salsa?  A sweet condiment, or a savoury?  Whatever you decide, this zippy little package of electro-charged flavour will add some wow to dinner this holiday season, whether you’re dabbing it on turkey breast or slathering it on smoky ham, sandwiching it between stacks of cold-cuts or glazing it over a roasted chicken.

Jam artists Henry and Pat Wielobob – the H and the P in H&P – spend a lot of time reading cooking magazines, but probably even more time assembling little tastes of things, side-by-side, to find out if they’ll play nice together in a jar.  From the people who brought us Carrot Cake Jam, Peach Pepper Jam and Cherry-Berry, to mention just a couple of their delicious flavour surprises, a combo of two of the North American family dinner’s favourite condiments shouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

HP_cran-horse_onhamThe fun thing about this sauce is that it smells more like horse-radish than it tastes, but it tastes more like cranberry than it smells, which is why it works so nicely as either a sweet or a savoury condiment.  In fact, it’s neither sweet nor savoury, but more of a sour, kept from being too sour by a judicious amount of brown sugar in the recipe.

H&P Jams & Jellies’ condiments and preserves are great additions to gift baskets and make lovely small gifts for work and family.  Learn more at their vendor profile.

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