Nuts for Nut-Free

“An obsession,” Jane Stanton calls her husband’s passion for chocolate.  Those of us who have watched in admiration (and salivation) over the past couple of years as she and Doug have expanded the Chocolate Cow‘s offerings at the Market might like to agree, but we don’t want to do anything that would slow him down.

CCOW_caramelboxFrom their notable start with deceptively simple nut-free items like moulded bars of Origins chocolate and beautifully-coloured chocolate shapes and lollies, Chocolate Cow has grown to fill two display cases at the Market and a wide counter for chatting with customers while a Stanton family member boxes truffles, caramels and fudge or bags lollies, bars and barks.  Each new product has come along with a sampling blitz with hundreds of customers sidling up to offer their services as product testers.

Doug and Jane’s nut-free kitchen now includes a chocolate tempering machine, another machine that drizzles chocolate over other delightful items and vibrates off the excess and a vat that stirs and maintains their caramel at the perfect temperature.  While these machines might be essential to the perfect consistency of the shells on their truffles or the silky firmness of their golden caramels, it’s the imagination and the dedication to create the new flavours the Stantons are putting out there that earns them the name chocolatiers.

Valentine’s Day is coming up and we all know chocolate is a favourite go-to gift.  Instead of hitting the drug store for a heart-shaped box or a pot of the commercially-produced stuff, why not shop local?  Create your own assortment of truffles and caramels and you’ll practically guarantee there won’t be a sad cluster sitting by its lonesome at the end, or check out some of the great nut-alternative confections like Lemon Crisp Bark, Mexi-Joes and the notoriously unsweet-and-creamy Mint Bar for treats to hide in pockets and lunch kits.

In a rush next weekend?  Chocolate Cow has just launched a webstore to serve the huge customer base clamouring for their products after a wildly successful visit at the Royal Winter Fair in December.  Don’t worry, though – we’re not going to lose them to the big city.  Their first order of business was to create a “pickup” option that lets you pre-order whatever goodies you’re looking for and pick them up in a quick and easy trip to the next Market.  Visit their profile for more information or to contact Chocolate Cow.






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